Sep 2, 2010

Worst Date #14 - Surprise!

Yes, it's back... my compilations of worst date stories. Not my own mind you, but true nonetheless.

The most presumptuous date I've ever been on was with a fellow who claimed he had a "surprise" for me. I love surprises!

Especially ones that start out with a long drive down the twisty roads of Mulholland Drive before pulling up to an impressive mansion with valet parking. I was banking on "Murder Mystery Party," but what I got was

-- wait for it--

an orgy!

You know, just a casual place for rich, horny men to walk around with their scrotums held in a martini glass (really), hoping to get lucky.

In the (brief) time I was there, I saw things that would make a Showtime exec blush.

My date realized he'd struck out with me, but I suspect he might have gone back to the party after he dropped me off, by the way his tires squealed when he dropped me off.

Oh! The final nail in the coffin: This fancy, no-holds-barred, uber-classy sex party? BYOB.


angel parker said...

lol That was too funny. I had a date in high school where the boy took me to the local makeout spot and thought he was going to get lucky immediately. I laughed and said nope. He took me home. My date lasted a whole thirty minutes!

Janaina said...

Lol... by the way, what's "BYOB" standing for?