Sep 13, 2010

TMQ Contest Winner

Boy, I almost developed a complex after reading all the suggestions as to what the mistakes were on TMQ. LOL

Several people thought the leaf on the right bottom side of the tree was wrong, but it's not. My guess is the designer wanted it to look like a bug(?) ate part of it.

All heart and square motifs are the same size. They may look different sizes due to the angle of the photo, but I assure you... They are all the same.

Others thought the colors and placement of motifs were mistakes. They aren't mistakes. I chose to "switch-it-up" for a couple of reasons. One was due to personal tastes. The other is due to the the center of the afghan not being large enough to accomodate the chart as is, so I'm having to re-chart as I go.

• All the letters are fine EXCEPT the letter "W". It needed to be two rows taller. How I never noticed, I don't know!

• The first two stitches of the third leaf on the right side (right below the letter "a") were never completed. Again... How I didn't notice, I'll never know.

• The lower tail feathers of the bird are missing. I kept looking at it wondering why it looked so funny!

Now, for the winner. No one guessed more than one mistake correctly so I put those who had a correct answer in a "hat" and drew a random winner. That person is....


Congratulations, Veronica. Please forward your mailing address to me and I'll get something out into the mail for you.


Shelley said...

Congrats Veronica!!

I only had the "W" right, lol...