Nov 24, 2010

ABC's of Me

A - Age: $39.95 + shipping & handling

B - Bed size: Queen

C - Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathroom

D - Dog's name: Celeste

E - Essential start your day item(s): Shower

F - Favorite color: All colors, except brown

G - Gold or Silver: Silver

H - Height: 5' 6"

I - Instruments you play: None

J - Job: Accountant

K - Kids: None

L - Living Arrangements: In a House

M - Music you love: Country and Rock

N - Nicknames: Mare

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Yes

P - Pet Peeve: People who don't do what they say.

Q - Quote from a movie: "Smoke 'Em" Fast & Furious.

R - Right or left handed: Right

S - Siblings: 1 sister, 2 brothers

T - Time you wake up: 5:30AM

U - Underwear: I have some.

V - Vegetable you dislike: I like them all.

W - Workout Style: At home

X - rays you've had: Ankles, Neck, Spine, Mammo

Y - Yummy food you make: Fried Rice

Z - The best place to visit: Anywhere warm, breezy, and sunny

And now you know my ABC's, won't you play along with me?


Mary Ivancicts said...

That is cute! This weather has been bad, just heavy rain at Midway with winds.

angel parker said...

A- age 47
B- bed size King
C- Chore you hate:washing the car.
D- dog-none
E- Essential start your day item: changing Aiden's diaper!
F- Favorite color- Kentucky blue
G- gold or silver- gold
H- height 5'6
I-Instruments you play-none.
J- job- teacher
K- kids- two daughters, a stepdaughter and two stepsons.
L- living- in a house
M- music- all kinds

N- nick name- ang
o-overnight hospital stay other than birth- oh yes
p-pet peeve-selfishness and inconsideration
Q-movie quote-do you feel lucky punk, well do you?
R-right or left handed-right
S-siblings 3 sisters, 4 brothers
t-time you wake up 5:45 or whenever aiden wakes up
u-underwear of course
v-vegetable I dislike- celery!
W-workout style- does chasing a two yearold count?
X-rays you have had- mammo,chest
y-yummy food you make- deviled eggs and mashed potatoes
z- the best place to visit:a beach

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

You had me at A. Thanks for the chuckle and I may just use that one day if it is ok.
Be always in stitches.

Vicky said...

Love it, it is a great way to find out about people and the sense of humor that they have :)

Akila said...

Love it :) Will put it up in my blog too

DebbieSFL said...

fun, put on my blog too

Emily in NC said...

Cute idea,