Nov 15, 2010

Life for me....

... drags on day-by-day. Sounds melodramatic, doesn't it? I just feel bogged down by everything. :(

Work is well... still as frustrating as ever. It doesn't matter what level of employee you talk to, all of them say the same thing. The merger is overwhelming, and no one is seeing the benefits that the partners (our bosses) claimed was going to happen. Several coworkers are talking about retiring... One of them pointed out that they were glad they have that option. They also pointed out that I have an option, too. Once I get my degree... *sigh*

Shelley at Shelley's Artsy Fartsy Life is hosting a giveaway in honor of her hubby's 41st birthday. Go on over and wish him a happy birthday and see what she's up to.

Midterms were last week. I might as well not even have studied. I do *not* think it went well at all. I swear the instructor created questions that he pulled as sentences out of the textbook. How can one be expected to memorize 200+ pages of text. Yes, I read the chapters. Yes, I took notes on the chapters. Yes, I paid attention during lectures. Yes, I studied for the midterm. And Yes, I more than likely did NOT do well.

On the upside, I did get 24 out of 25 on my first written paper. The one bright spot of the night! One thing I do know I am good at, and that's writing papers. *big grin* What struck me as odd is the instructors comments regarding how well the class did on the written assignment. He gave us the impression he didn't expect the students to do well. *hmmm* We have another of these babies due in a couple weeks, in addition to our written group project paper.

I hardly did any stitching last week, but I did finish Quaker Snowman. Now, I just have to get it made into an ornament by the end of the month.

Since things have been so rough for me lately, I needed some retail therapy. :) I got this for a great price on eBay. It's been on my wishlist for quite a while now.

The Japanese Garden
a kit by Maia Embroidery

Some of my long time readers may remember back in 2008 when I stitched LK's "Peace Love & a Cure" for a lady I met on my local freecycle group. If you'd like to read about it, there's a post HERE, HERE, and HERE. We've kept in touch via emails, cards, and such.

More recently, I stitched another LK piece called "C is for Cure" (HERE) for a client of mine who was diagnosed with breast cancer. This past week she sent me another update via email. I recognized a name in her "Sent To" list. It was the lady I knew from freecycle!

To make a long story short. Freecycle lady is my client's cousin!! I found it extremely weird and very cool that I stitched cancer pieces for these ladies, neither knowing I knew the other, and me not knowing they knew each other, let alone be related!


Angharad said...

That kit is gorgeous! Hope thinks pick up for you. I'm sure you didn't do as bad as you think Azzie xx

Kate said...

Sorry you are going thru a rough time. I hope things improve soon and you at least get some stitching time. Beautiful kit, are you planning on starting this soon?

Shelley said...

I hope things turn around for the better for you at work.

Congrats on the awesome score on your paper!!

I love, love, love retail therapy!!

Kathy said...

I think it must be the time of year. The blahs hit us all at times. I know I just keep trying to find little things each day to make me smile. Of course my crazy canine helps in that department. And I'm sure Celeste trys too. :) Hang in there Meari.
I hope your midterm grades are better than you expect. And if not, well, you still have the second half. As for the job.... You aren't alone in feeling frustrated and unhappy. It's like I tell people. I have been at my job for 29 years. I used to love my job but changes and cut backs make it defficult to say that now.

Katie said...

So sorry your life is not going the way you would like right now. I hope it gets better for you very soon. You deserve to be happy. Your kit is very beautiful. The world is very small. How amazing you touched two lives in the same family.

You are a sweet person. What goes around comes deserve yours now!

Nancy M said...

Your mood is probably a combo of school and work. Probably wishing both would get better! I'm sure you did well on the test, you always do, no matter what you think. The kit looks interesting. Keep your chin up!

shutterbug (Elaine) said...

That is really strange about the 2 ladies knowing each other! It really is a small world. Keeping my fingers crossed that you did better on your midterms than you think you did. I bet you did. :)
Hugs, Elaine

Carolyn NC said...

So sorry the job has been so difficult and the test didn't go well. You might be surprised at how well you may have done - hope so, anyway! Love the coincidental story - and you're's a small world! The kit is so cool, too.
Love the panda - I think we all feel like that sometimes. The picture says it all! Hang in there. :)

Patty C. said...

I'm am so sorry you feel that way - If it makes you feel better I have a cold and I think you posted a picture of me - lol

Sunshine said...

Cheer up Meari! I'm sending you a smile :) Not where's that return Smile :) The kit is Gorgeous! I look forward to seeing your Progress.

Carol said...

Hi Meari--I hope today is a better day for you! You sure have a lot on your plate right now and the uncertainty of things at work doesn't help. Hopefully, the professor will curve the tests and all will work out for you.

I guess all these years of blog writing have helped in your ability to write awesome papers :) Great job on your first one!

Hang in there and try to find a few minutes each day to pamper yourself--you deserve it...

htimcj said...

Hopefully your midterm went better than expected and work will settle down for you. I like the pattern you chose. You'll have fun with it.

Mylene said...

Do hope things improve soon for you.

Alberta said...

The Japanese Garden is gorgeous! How many colours does it have?

Hope you get a great midterm mark.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Sorry your test was so rough. I've had teachers that did that sort of thing before. No fun. I hope you did much better than you think you did.

Pam K. :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry work and school are such a struggle for you right now. I definitely know how that goes - going through similar feelings myself right now. I hope things settle down for you soon. It's definitely amazing how small the world is. How wonderful that you were able to give these two women such awesome gifts of yourself.

Sandy in NM

Kristin said...

I hope you have a wonderful surprise when you get the midterm grades back.

I love the story about the cancer pieces and the ties between you three.