Nov 23, 2010

Marvelous Monday Update 11/22/10 (on Tues)

For those of you in the U.S., I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

How many of you watch the Charlie Brown specials during the holidays? I do! My siblings and I watched them every year as children, and I still watch them now. I can still remember us kids getting excited when the commercials started popping up on the TV... and my Dad grumbling about how we'd seen the shows before... and my Mom telling my Dad that we are only kids once. LOL

We got our midterm results. The instructor listed the grades on the white board:

A's - 3
B's - 6
C's - 4
D's - 0

I said to myself, "Self... at least you didn't get a D" *whew* I really thought I got a C, but was secretly hoping for a B. I literally had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw my test. I was one of the 3 people who got an A! (I *must* be a really good guesser!) Talk about a huge relief off my shoulders. Funny thing about one of the questions I got wrong... I rarely change my answers once I put them down, because the first one is usually right. I even debated in my head when I changed it. And guess what? The first answer I put down was right! Doh!

I spent the weekend writing papers for class. The first was a 4-page case study. The second was our group project paper (again, We're doing Ford -- just a different slant). The last few weeks of the semester is going to be hectic... again!

A few weeks ago, Jo from Tuscon RAK'd me with some stitchy goodies. I've been remiss in putting them on my blog.

Thank you, Jo! :)

A few weeks ago, Katrien of Little Stitches sponsored a blog giveaway in honor of her 30th birthday. Guess who was the winner? Moi! Here's what she sent me:

Thank you, Katrien!

Let's see. I finished an ornament for an exchange, but can't show pics until it's been received. I finished "Blessed Be", but won't show pics until I make it into something. This will be going to a new home also. Last night, I was able to do some stitching on TMQ. Not much, but a little is better than nothing, right?

Other WIP pics can be found HERE.

I wanted to share what sits on my fireplace mantle.

I appreciate each and every kindnesses my online friends have shown me over the past year. Thank you very much!


Sunshine said...

Oh! Yipee!!!!! You got an A!!!!!!
I know you are relieved & you came out on top. Congrats!
Great RAK & congrats again on winning the prize. I look forward to seeing your finish. When you Finish it. LOL :)

Carol R said...

Congratulations Meari on your midterm tests!

Emily said...

What a nice RAK and giveaway win. Wow, congrats on the A. Good luck with all the papers and case studies and stuff. It is hard working with other people sometimes.

Lynette said...

Congrats on your A grade Meari and I see you've won yet another giveaway!!!

CJ said...

Hey Girl -

Congrats on the "A" and Happy Thanksgiving. Have a great week.

CJ and Family.

Vicky said...

Awesome work on getting an A :)

angel parker said...

congrats on the A! It will make the countdown to the end of your class that much better.

vEr0n!c@ said...

Congrats on getting an A! I'm happy for you. Love your goodies, especially the doors design.

Mary said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Meari! Your gifts are really nice. Also you stitching is really coming along great. I hadn't had time to post a comment the last few weeks. Sorry. Also congrats on your test. I suspect you did well just because you work so hard. :)

Carolyn NC said...

I thought you might do better than you thought - congratulations! Love all the gifties and stitching! Hope you're feeling better soon, too. :)

Debra said...

congrats on your grade. Looks like you can't wait for school to be over. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Meari, take a deep breath! Yes, I always watch the Charlie Brown specials and Mariah's liking them too! Your giveaways & RAKs were great. You're almost done with TMQ, it's really looking good! Congrats on the A! I know what you mean about school this week - I have 3 assignments that are due tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Oh congratulations on the grade Meari!! That's wonderful! I knew you could do it!!!! :oD TMQ is looking really great! I love your card display! What a great idea! Nice RAK and prize too!!! :o) Hope your sore throat is on the mend so you can stuff yourself silly tomorrow!!! :o)

Pam K. :o)

Nancy M said...

Well I knew you had nothing to worry about on your test! That tornado that was by you was only a mile from my friends daughters school and place of work! We have had some really strange weather! You are the luckiest person I know winning all these giveaways!!! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Kathy said...

WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO on the A!!! Way to go!

What great Rak/winnings. Enjoy!

I hope you have some time over the weekend to realx and stitch! And that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ranae said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Akila said...

Congrats on the wonderful grades :) Tell me about following the first instinct!! Have been in the same situation more than once myself

Mel said...

Congrats on the grades! :)

TMQ is looking good.
I love the little card stand. So nice.

Carol said...

I knew you would pull off an "A" Meari! Congratulations!!

I especially love the Tasha Tudor chart that Jo gifted you with! My mother always sent Tasha Tudor Christmas cards every year and I just love the memories this chart brings back....