May 17, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits 5/17/2011


It's just amazing how last week temps here reached into the 90's and last night temps hit the freezing mark! Brrr, was it cold this morning. We might hit 70 by the end of the week. *might*

Thank you for all the comments regarding my back. I started to feel better last Wed, and was probably 98% better by Saturday. Now, I'm all good. :)

Last week was the final week of the semester. I managed to get my paper finished and submitted. It'll be interesting to see what kind of grade I get seeing as I used the same format as I did last semester. Hey, I figured if the instructor could be lazy and use the same paper assignment and sample paper... then I could use the format of the paper I wrote last semester, too. Granted, I had three times the amount of cited sources this time around. I put a lot of work into both papers. In case anyone is wondering, I did this semester's paper on Caribou Coffee.

I'm signed up for next semester (starts at the end of the month). The class is Comprehensive Financial Planning. I've already ordered the book, which shipped the same day, and arrived within 4 days. Talk about fast service!

For now, I'm just going to.....

I went treasure hunting a couple weeks ago, and I found a plastic container full of needlework supplies. Nothing had a price tag, so I asked the cashier who asked the store manager who said $1.99. Sold! Here's what I came home with:

The Disney leaflet has the *cutest* Christmas ornies in it!

I'm still working on the mailart for an exchange I'm in. I should have it stitched and assembled by the weekend or early next week. I'll have to start searching for the "perfect" snowman chart for an ornament exchange I'm in. Then I can get back to Blossom Splendor!

For anyone who's interested, I have another flower frog on my stash-for-sale site. I think I counted that this one could hold 33 pairs of scissors if you put them in the perimeter. Also, there are new Lizzie Kate charts. The link is on the sidebar, if you're interested.

Until next time,


Shelley said...

I am sure you will get an excellent grade on your paper...

I woke up to more rain showers this morning. It's 7:20am and only 50 degrees out. It is supposed to rain all day long :( What happened to Spring.

Anonymous said...

Meari -
I agree about the weather! It was warm last week, and now it is cold again. I hope that you do well on your paper. Great find! I am sure that you will enjoy all of it!


Ruth said...

What a great find and I hope you do just relax.

Anonymous said...


you are out of does that mean you can work on Japaense Garden??? So glad you have time to relax...I can do that in 16 days ...sigh.... Your treasure trove looks wonderful! I have that disney chart it does have cute is a good for the next RR should join in the fun!!!

Vickie in Arkansas

Carolyn NC said...

Definitely time to relax! Glad you're feeling better, too. Lovely frog - I think I'm interested! Did the top and bottom come together? The two I found were the tops only and I had to hunt all over the planet to find a bottom to fit! LOL

Berly said...

Yeah, Caribou!!! Good luck on your paper. Your stash find looks great! I'm curious, what is a flower frog?

Anonymous said...

Glad your back is better! :o) Nice stash find!

Happy Trails,
Pam K. :o)

EvalinaMaria said...

Your weather is same as here on the north!

Love the relax button. Did you press it yet?

Sunshine said...

You lucky girl!!!! You need to have a side business just to make stash money on all your great finds.
Happy Stitchin!!!!

chrisstitches said...

You manage to get those great deals like I do....but I think you find the most adorable the Mickey Mouse....not much time on computer...just want to say hi...not much time to work on my gold finch, but pic in group.
Chris B.

Anonymous said...

YAY for the end of the semester! Enjoy your time off!

Karin in CA

Anonymous said...

Wow Meari! If I didn't know you weren't in San Diego... We had highs in the 90's the first week of May, followed by mid to high 60's last week and today it is rainy and the high may hit 60. It sucks. I am ready for some warmer weather to come and hang around for awhile. SoCal didn't get a summer last year. We had a mostly cold summer and had few days where the temps got beyond the mid 60's. What is up with the weather in North America? They got so much snow at Mammoth in NorCal this year that the ski resort will be open until July 4th. Usually they have to make snow just to keep the resort open. We got so much winter rain that our years long drought is over. And all the snow, tornadoes and floods going on in the rest of the country is crazy.

Debbie :)
Empress Golden Needle

Kay said...

Good luck on the paper, you will do fine! I do not get to go out much so finding good deals like I used to at my local Goodwill is a thing of the past. Your weather sounds like Ohio, soon enough it will be warm again!

Pam in IL said...

Hey, I think I have most of those leaflets in my stash! You always have the best finds. I thought for sure there had to be some soccer games this week as the weather had turned cold, windy and rainy again, but the season actually ended last week. Enjoy your break before classes start again.

Anonymous said...

It seems like there are strange things going on with the weather everywhere Meari! We had a beautiful April with temperatures way above average but May has been cold and wet so far, at least here in Wales. It's been more like autumn than spring!

I'm sure you are glad to finish the semester. Enjoy your break and I hope you can get plenty of stitching done.

What a great haul of stash you got for $1.99!


Nancy in IL said...

Another bargain for the "nose for bargains" hunter. LOL!

I'm so sick of this spring. I couldn't stand the heat and humidity of our previous weather, but I don't like this either!

I'll be glad to see your progress when you get back to Blossom Splendor. I love seeing that come together!

htimcj said...

Our weather has been crazy too. I just want it to get warm and stay warm!
I am sure your paper will be terrific!
Great stash find!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your class is over and now you can relax. Happy to hear about your back and don't lift anything heavy again. What a great find, you are so lucky to find things like that.


Nancy M said...

What no blog win this week?? LOL Well 1.99 for the haul could be considered the same thing. I had to golf tonight and it was a lovely 55 degrees out and windy!!!

Carol said...

Good to hear that your back is back to normal, Meari--enjoy your time off and I hope you find some wonderful treasures again this week :)

I honestly don't think we'll ever have a summer this year the way our spring is going!

Akila said...

Wow, envy the lovely weather you seem to be having!!
Ohh my, look at all the stash!!! Again I say, you really are lucky with findings. Congrats :d

Gabi said...

A relax button. Now that's one I should get Glad your back is doing better. Gorgeous frog, and great haul of stash. Crossing fingers here that your exams went all well

Akila said...

Forgot to mention - thanks for your lovely comment and your constant encouragement :)
I used the tutorial for making the Cord from The cross stitcher's bible.

Katrien said...

fantastic find.
I'm sure you'll do just great on your paper.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! Great job on the stash find for only $1.99!! Where did you find it?

Nikki D

Anonymous said...

I am glad you back is better. I would use the same format too. Your weather is freaky. Hope it stabilizes soon. We are having open the doors and throw open the windows weather. No heat or AC. The ceiling fans are running though.