May 23, 2011

Marvelous Monday Update 5/23/11

Doggie breath. Bleah. I had read that spearmint is supposed to help with that. While at the store, I saw these in the pet section:

They have spearmint in them. What dog doesn't love treats, right? Wrong.

Celeste: *sniff, sniff* (walks away)

Me: *thinks* (puts it on the floor, and walks away)

A few hours later, she hadn't touched it.

Me: *thinks to myself,* "I'll "trick" her."

Me: *crumbles the cookie and mixes it with her food* Feeling like the naughty scientist, rubbing his hands together.

The next day...

Would you believe the stinkin' dog ate ALL her food except for the cookie parts?! Not to be disuaded, I tried it again. Again, she ate all the food and no cookie. I was complaining to a friend, who told me to throw them out in the yard for the birds. I put two in the bird feeder, and threw two in the yard. A week later, the ones in the yard were still there when I mowed. Here it is two weeks later and the cookies are *still* in the bird feeder, untouched. My conclusion??? They must be some baaddddd cookies!

While it's unofficial, I found out my final grade for my Investment class is going to be an "A".
I earned 97% in the class. Now, I can say I only have TWO more classes before graduation! I'll be graduating in November. Yay!

Job #2 has had financial issues since I started working for them last July. It's owned by two brothers. One hand doesn't talk to the other, so to speak. The financial problems have become more serious in the last two weeks. Suffice it to say, we (and by "we", I mean the employees) don't know when/if we're going to get paid from week to week. Last week (after not getting paid on Wed), I went in on Friday for 30 minutes before leaving because I refused to work an entire day when I didn't get paid from the week before. Two hours later, the secretary texted me to come get my check and cash it before there's no cash left. I ended up working a couple more hours to take care of payroll related issues -- I need the money, but I've had it up to HERE with not knowing whether we're going to get paid, and the bosses not letting the employees know that payroll will be late, etc.

Last week I wrote about how flower frogs (or scissor frogs, as we like to call them) are used by stitchers to store their scissor collection. As I mentioned, I have a small one on my end table that I keep scissors, seam ripper, and needle puller in. It's perfect since it doesn't take up much space. Due to it being small, though, I have to display my other pairs of scissors another way. Behold...

This hangs in my craft room,
formerly known as "the scary room".

P.S. If anyone is interested, I have another scissor frog on my stash-for-sale blog.

As I've mentioned before, I'm participating in a mailart exchange. I received my mailart early! Before I present the darling envelope, I have a story to tell.

When I went to the PO, I went to the counter first because I had to get some postage amounts for some packages I'll be sending out. I did that, and then went to get my mail out of the box. I was so excited by the fact I got mailart (and had a package being held behind the counter), that I left my keys in my PO box door. On my way back to the counter, I thought "Where the heck did I leave my keys?!". I asked the clerk if I had left my keys there. He said, "No." So, I gave him the card and said I had a package. He looks at me and says, "Did you leave them in the box door?" Duh! He told me to go get my keys, and he'd meet me at the side door to give me my package. The nice guy that he is, he didn't even laugh. As he handed me my package, he said to me, "That's what happens when you get old and senile!" He's older than me! LOL

Without further adieu, here's what Betty in Nevada sent me:

I thought it was really cool how Betty had the sunflower theme going on. :) She included a recipe for a cheese ball topped with sunflower seeds. It has bleu cheese in it, and since I'm not a fan I'll probably try a different cheese ball recipe and put the sunflower seeds on it. I do like how the tortilla chips makes the ball into a sunflower, though. Very cool idea. See the pink and brown bits in the upper right corner? Those are chocolate covered sunflower seeds! Of course, I *had* to try those right away. Yummo! I had to chuckle a bit at the sunflower seed packet... I *almost* bought some over the weekend. Glad I didn't.

Thank you, Betty. Everything was great :)

A couple of weeks ago, I showed my Rabbit Heart finish. Over the weekend, I made it into a scissor fob.

Rabbit Heart
by Alexandrina (Matrioska Biscornu)
Fabric: 22ct Hand-Dyed Purple Hardanger
Fiber: Anchor 112
Stitching Time: 3½ Hrs
Finishing Time: 1½ Hrs
Embellishments: Runched Ribbon

I also finished the mailart for the exchange I'm involved in, but no pics until it arrives at its new home. I also started the snowman ornament for another exchange.

After the incident at J2 on Friday, I needed some retail therapy, so I visited the thrift stores in town. I found a few things...

Over a yard of pretty pink trim for 99c. I think this will be great for a pinkeep or a box finish.
Set of stamped pillow cases for $3. I'm not a huge fan of stamped projects, but the quality of the pillow cases is awesome, and I loved the trim. Plus, you can't buy a nice set of pillow cases in the box stores for $3!

Until next time,

(P.S. A big "thanks" goes out to Karen, who sent me both my siggie avatars.)


Kay said...

What beautiful mailart you got! I love the scissor fob finish as well. Congrats on the great grade in school, November is not too far away before graduation. I am sorry to hear that things have been stressful like that at work, I would feel the same way as well, it is scary, hopefully things get better soon.

Gabi said...

LOL about the doggie cookies. My dog's won't eat mint too. Spoiled as our royal woofinesses are they eat real cookies only. And kangaroo bites of course. (thank god they're not spoiled)
And oh my gosh...where do you have that scissor cabinet is it called...where can I get it?????
Congrats on the fantastic school results...good on you to show them that you go home if they don't pay you, and great new stash.
Still drooling about the little shelf thingo

Sunshine said...

Wow, where to start....
Love the Rabbit Fob..The purple looks great!, Congrats on your "A",
Too Kewl Mailart!, Great way to display your scissors. I'm still collecting.., Breezy likes the DentaStick treat/bone. Have you ever had Celeste's teeth cleaned?
Try giving to Buddy, nothing like a little competition to get our furbabies to eat right.
You Welcome for the tags. I'm glad you like them and use them too.

Sue said...

Meari, first, congrats on getting an 'A' on your finals!

My two Chihuahuas are picky like Celeste; I cannot hide anything in their food; they sniff it out and it is amazing how such little pieces can be left

Love the mail art envelope; sunflowers are one of my favorites!! Very nice.

Also loved the 'finds'.....would love to find things like that around here, but it is just not to be.

I am mailing your check today for my Scissor Frog!!! Can't wait to receive it...........thanks!


Kathy A. said...

Meari - I love your Monday updates.

Those must be some horrid cookies when the birds won't even eat them.
Yeah on the 97. I'll bet you can hardly wait for graduation.

I love your sunflower mailart. What a cool theme she had going on.

Emily in NC said...

Funny story about the dog treats, they must be bad if birds don't eat them. Sorry to hear about work and getting paid.

Binky's Blog said...

Congrats on your "A" for your finals. Hard work does pay off. Your fob is very cute. I love the sunflower themed mailart.

Anonymous said...

LOL about Celeste and the cookies. I've been trying different treats to try to teach Keillor to come when I I have a bag of carrot cookies and a bag of apple cookies on my counter, that he's not really interested it. Einstein will eat anything. Keillor sometimes eats them if I skip them along the floor so he can chase them, LOL.

Congrats on your grade!! Only two more classes!

Oh my, about your job....I don't even know what to say. I would say "get the heck out" but it's hard to find work now....

Karin in CA

Akila said...

Big time lol on the doggie "treat" :d
Such a lovely scissor fob that is. Love the satin ribbon you'v attached.
And again, lucky you for such great finds!!
The mailart is soooo beautiful. And chocolate covered sunflower!! Sounds new, but lovely for the theme

Vikki said...

We have wild spearamint growing in our back yard. One dog eats it and the other doesn't. Maybe your dog will like the real deal? I know there is another big name brand that makes some dental bones (maybe purina?) and our dogs like them. Good luck with that lol

Love the mail art, I agree with thinking it was a great theme :)

And congrates on the A!

Vikki said...

oh and great idea for the scissor display! that is a spoon holder right? I think it looks great.

Anonymous said...

First of all, congratulations on your A!!!! And I must say, I'm not a bit surprised! :o)

About the dog treats, one thing that has worked for me in the past, particularly with a small dog, is to put a treat on a plate, place it on the table and pretend to eat it. If she's like most dogs, she'll beg for a taste! Let her drool a bit, then give it to her! It's worked for me in the past, but Celeste might be too smart for it! Worth a try though!! The dog we have now will eat just about anything that he thinks we're eating!

Sorry to hear your job #2 is having such problems. :o(

I LOVE your scissor display!!!! What a clever idea!!! And the mail art is great! How neat to have carried the theme through all the little gifts too! I like the cheeseball idea too! :o)

Happy Trails,
Pam K. :o)

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading your blog, Meari and you had such a lot of interesting news this week!

First of all congrats on your A grade! Secondly - the stitching. The mail art you received is gorgeous - I love sunflowers and it's great how your partner carried on the theme through all the things she sent! Your little scissor fob is so cute - is it difficult to do that ribbon trim? (Any tips please?!). Finally, the bad news - I'm sorry to hear about all the problems with Job 2. Hopefully you can find an alternative soon.

Oh, nearly forgot, you made me chuckle with your story about the cookies!


glenda said...

The mailart is so fabulous! I really have to try one of those. How do you get it to stay shut in the mail? (the flap, that is)

yes..dogs are incredible about eating around parent's dog would eat all the leftovers..except peas. Always left peas in the bottom of an otherwise clean dish :)

Sorry to hear about the job thing. Believe it or not, I know EXACTLY what you are going through. Dealing with that is so stressful.

take care

Shelley said...

The mailart is awesome!!

Congrats on the "A" :)

J2 sounds like crap. I know you need the money but is the stress worth it. Maybe you should just walk away with your head held high.

htimcj said...

Too funny about the doggie treats. My two dogs will do that with preztles. They'll eat everything else from the bowl but leave the pretzles. Not that they should be eating pretzels :).
Great job on the school grade. So exciting for it to be almost over.
Sorry about the job. I would definately be looking out for new emplorers!

Ruth said...

The doggie cookies sure made me laugh, they must be bad !
I love your scissor collection, very pretty and unique. The scissor fob is wonderful and I like the treats after such a bummer of a day a little cheering up was definitely called for.

Debra said...

wow girl! Sorry to hear about J2 nice finds and the mail art is so pretty. Big congrats on your grade.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked everything, Meari!

Sorry to hear about the woes on Job #2. Billy used to work for a company that paid even worse than yours! It took us almost 4 months (yes MONTHS) to collect from them for the last gig he did. Now, if/when they call to offer him a gig, he tells them it will be $xxx to be paid in cash before the gig starts, and they don't want to do that. This is one of those companies that wants high end entertainment, but wants them at novice entertainer prices. Not happening!

Congratulations on your final grade! And only 2 more classes to go, that's WONDERFUL! I'm sure you can't wait to finish.

Betty W.

Mary Ivancicts said...

Joe worked for a private trucking company like that, they would give him a check, we pay bills and low and behold the check bounced! Never did they offer to pay for the checks that bounced on us!

Love your stitching stuff, I have a set of pillow case like that, from my mom! She never finished them.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the great grade Meari! Your hard work really paid off. We knew you could do it.


EvalinaMaria said...

All looks good, congrats on A (Did you ever got anything less then A? I do not think so!)

For the doggie breath and yellow teeth the best solution is a raw beef bone (the bigger the better). Topaz is 9 and her teeth are same as when she was 2! I'm sure any butcher will help you! In our stores we can buy soup bones but they come in small pieces. I have to ask butcher not to cut them.

Kathy said...

I am chuckling over the Celeste and the treats. :) I cna't begin to tell you how many packages I have bought for Rory only to throw them out!! Talk about being a picky eater. He is the worst. :)

Love the mail art you received. Just beautiful. I also love how you displayed the scissors in a spoon rack. Great idea.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting an A in your last test and your funny story about your dog.

Love the mail-art, your scissors fob and your arrangement of your scissors.

Hope you were able to cash your cheque.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

That is so funny about Celeste.

Congrats on your schooling.

Hopefully something good happens for you as far as job/pay goes.

Love your stash.

I love that mail art. I have always wanted to receive one. I am really intrigued to see how one is made, gone through the mail system and received.

chrisstitches said...

Beautiful mailart you received.
Boooo to the #2 workplace.
Congrats on the excellent grade.
Love the rabbit finish.
Apparently Celeste doesn't like spearmint or want fresh

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that the doggy treats were not a success. Love the mail art you received. It is gorgeous!!!! Congrats on the good grade. Nov. will be here before you know it. Hoping things get better at Job 2. If not hope you can find something to replace it. Your scissor holder is beautiful. Great stash shopping. Looking forward to see how you use these things in the future.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)c

Cathy said...

Watch your job with the payroll issue. That happened to my DH and they ended up closing their doors with no warnng and he was out 2 wks pay.

Anonymous said...

Meari -
Congratulations on your A! I love the mail art that you recieved. I really like the continuing theme. Your scissor display looks great! Congrats on finishing you mail art. I can't wait to see the pic. Great find at the thrift store.


Katrien said...

Congrats on your schoolgrade!! And yay for graduating in november :)
Sorry to hear about J2.

Kristin said...

Too funny about the doggie cookies.

Huge congrats on your grade and only having 2 classes left.

Gorgeous stitchy stuff.

Vickie said...

Congrats on School!!! Love the doggie story. I have now started brushing the boys teeth. Which is hard because Gibbs tries to EAT the toothbrush!

CJ said...

Hi Meari -

I have had a fun morning catching up with your blog. Sorry things at J2 are not going so well--family drama can ruin family business. Congrats on the "A" and only haveing two classes to go--exciting!! Love the mailart.

Have a grea summer.