Aug 22, 2011

Marvelous Monday Update 8/22/11

Whew! Last week was rough. Despite spending the last week of my summer "break" reading the 93 pages for the start of school, the tough schedule had me beat by the end of the week. I managed it all, and got ahead start on this week's homework. We have a quiz this week and I have to start my 3-page descriptive essay on Monetary Policy, so we'll see how IT goes. I'm sure the instructor is on crack thinks students don't have a life outside of the online classroom.

Only 7 more weeks to go.... 7 more weeks


Now ya'll know that I love animals, right? Right. My northern neighbors not so much. Last year, they decided to take a foray into dog breeding become backyard breeders. They built two small kennels and put two Siberian Huskies in each one. These dogs rarely get to leave the kennels... no walks, no runs, no nothin'. Over the weekend, the female must've gone into heat because the other dogs would not SHUT UP were carrying on something fierce. Finally by 4am Sunday morning, I called the police (Yes, the dogs carried on all day and all night!). Sunday and this morning, the dogs were still whining and yelping because they couldn't get to the female.

So... Do I shoot the dogs? Or, the owners?* LOL

Since school sucked up and destroyed consumed all my free time last week, I only have a little stitchy "finish" to show. I managed to finish Part 1 of the iStitch SAL.

I did put a few stitches on Blossom Splendor, but not enough to warrant a photo.

Until next time,

*Disclaimer: I would never shoot anyone or anything. It was a rhetorical question


Debbie said...

Good luck with school Meari!
Definitely the neighbours. Did the police do anything?
I look forward to seeing your progress on your SAL.

Kay said...


My husband has the same complaint at times with school, I think at times the instructors do think students have no life outside of school. I am kinda frustrated with the class Mike has now because all of his free time is taken up when he gets home so I have been getting not a lot of free time with him. Keep up the good work, you have gotten this far, in the end it will be so worth it! That is frustrating about the dogs next door, I would be upset as well. What you got accomplished on your stitching is looking good!

Sunshine said...

Wow, I too am a Dog Lover, but enough is enough. You'll just have to keep complaining until the matter gets settled. So sorry for your troubles. I hope things get all worked out soon.

Anonymous said...

I vote for the owners Meari! POW! Have some of your other neighbors call a complaint in too! The squeaky wheel gets the oil!


Pam said...

Good luck With school.. I hope in short order you'll get used to your new schedule.. It takes time. My son started back for his masters and is having the same problem getting used to his new scheduling, job, new wife and life.
The neighbors, good night what in the name of common sense would have the entertain the idea that their breeding plans were going to be welcomed by their neighbors. UGH..
Looking forward to your stitching updates for sure.

Anonymous said...

Shoot the owners. The poor babies. I have a Husky, so I know exactly what they're like. They need space to run and play, they love to wrestle and chase, and they need other animals/people with them to play with. They are very social animals.

Karin in CA

Berly said...

Shoot the owners!!

Anonymous said...

Before you know it this class will be over with. Hang in there.

Sorry about the dog noises. Here in California Animal Control would come out and have a chat with the neighbors. If animal control has to come out more than twice then the owners get fined.

You have a small start and it looks great.

Emily in NC said...

What you have stitched so far is very nice, can't wait to see more. I would shoot the owners (just joking), but if you really think it is a problem call the humane society in your area, can't imagine it is very fun to sit outside all day plus with the heat.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

What a shame for the poor animals :( Don't know what's wrong with the owners. Funnily enough, we have new neighbours who have two dogs - they leave them out most all the time, and they are whining and growling around the fence all the time - when the children are out in the garden they go to get water from the tap round the side of the house, and the small white terrier is frightening my DD quite badly with some really viscious growls (Bridie's nervous of dogs). Methinks something is going to need to be said :(

Sue said...

I am with Chris; shoot the owners.........irresponsible ones at that~~~!!!!!

Your SAL is looking good! Waiting to see a finish on your Geisha!

Nancy in IL said...

I had a problem dog across the street with a problem owner in denial. I didn't bother with the police - called in the middle of the night. "Do you hear that?" "What???" "Do you hear your dog barking?" "Yes." "Now that you're up, continue to listen to him. I have!" The neighbor now acts like he doesn't see me.

Love your strikethroughs! I live for them!

Debra said...


Gabi said...

Your Mystery SAL looks gorgeous. Good luck with school. And with your neighbors. Would drive me nuts.
I had to tell my own (DEAF) dog last week off because she found it such a great idea to go out in the garden in the middle of the night and bark into nothingness. She probably dreamed she heard something.

Shelley said...

Rhetorical or not, I say shoot the owners. It's not technically the dogs fault. They are victims themselves. I hate irresponsible pet owners. And crappy neighbors!!

Your SAL is very pretty. Love the thread color you are using.

Good luck with school...

P.S. Did calling the police help at all?

Barbara said...

Shoot the neighbors!!! I'd call the police, humane society, aspca and keep calling until those poor dogs are taken away from those rotten owners.

Anonymous said...

Nice --what kind of class are you taking--I am taking a magazine writing course by Eva Shaw--I have completed 3 other classes by Eva--

Barb W

glenda said...

HA! Shoot the neighbors. Twice.

Sarah said...

Nice start on the Istitch SAL I cannot wait for part two.

Sparkles 'n' Stitching said...

Yeah the neighbours, its not the poor dogs fault lol.

Good luck with School, I hope the pace slows down a lil to let you relax at least a little bit.

Anonymous said...

I'd shoot the owners. Not sure whether I'd do it before or after reporting them to the humane society for abuse.

Robert L

Glenna said...

I am curious about the I stitch sal. Is it too late to join? Where do I find it? I haven't done a sal for awhile and this might be a good one to start one again. :)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree - shoot the owners! They are neglecting the dogs by failing to exercise them properly. That can be construed as abuse.

Teri P

EvalinaMaria said...

Oh, no! Do not shoot the owners; you will end up in jail! Maybe just talk to them, ask them to take males inside the house for the night. Do you guys have any by-laws in regards to setting up kennels? In my opinion they (kennels) should be outside city limits.

Good luck with your course, 7 weeks isn't so bad. Mine are 12 weeks long (from start to final exam), and after taking a lot time off this year I'm back to it starting August 29th (two courses, 10 assignments each with couple quizzes between).

Pam in IL said...

Every day is one day closer to the end of class, so hang in there!

I'm sorry you had to listen to the dogs. Does your town have a noise/nuisance ordinance? I feel bad for any dog that has to stay in a kennel 24/7 because my dogs are part of my family.

Your SAL is looking good!

Anonymous said...

I would shoot the owners. It isn't the dogs fault. They are just doing what comes naturally. I think keeping them in those kennels would be considered abuse. Your WIP is looking great! Keep the updates coming. Always enjoy reading your posts.

Betty in AZ

Nancy M said...

We have a city ordinance against owning too many might want to check with your city. Our neighbors have 2 huskies too who are in a kennel day and night. They have gotten out and come to visit us and they are very sweet dogs. I don't understand people who own dogs and don't interact with them. Good thing that they don't bark! We'd be calling the police on them too.

Carol said...

Sorry the new class seems to be such a huge headache, Meari--hope things get easier, but I have faith in you!! You'll do just fine and, just think--only one more after this!!

Love the color you've chosen for your SAL--at least you've had a bit of time to finish part one.

Hope you can figure out the dog situation--how maddening that must be at night!

Akila said...

Aww poor you with such hectic schedule. Am sure you'll finish this term with flying colors too :)

Love the progress on the SAL.

Anonymous said...


What a week -- hope the dog situation is remedied soon.


Anonymous said...

Shoot the owners! Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do ya know?

What is the ISAL?? Looks interesting.