Aug 30, 2011

Marvelous Monday Update 8/29/11 (on Tues)

Hard to believe it's the end of August already? With my nose constantly in textbooks, I missed summer. Boo!

My vegetable garden didn't fare so well this year. With all the rain, the tomatoes split, got buggy, and rotted on the vines. Only one cucumber vine grew and I got two cukes off it. The spinach didn't grow at all. Again, Boo!

Despite the weather conditions, my flowers did great. Remember the sunflower seeds I received in an exchange from Betty in NV? They are taller than my neighbor's garage.

I was really excited last week when I saw the heads were finally starting to bloom and bees were helping the pollination. :)

My double knockout roses are blooming for the third time this summer:

Celete must be getting older. I took her for a walk on the walking path near my house. In times past, she was able to do the whole thing, albeit a bit pooped worn out by the time we got home. This last time, she stopped about 1/3 of the way and had to rest. Three-quarters of the way, I had to carry her because she refused to walk. After a while, I put her down and she walked. Less than a block from home, she refused to walk again. Poor doggie. It wasn't even hot that day. I've decided to leave her home when I walk the path, because I don't want to be carrying the dog!

Here's a pic of her from last week where she was enjoying the cooler temps. She's also sporting her summer 'do.

Charley. What am I going to do with that bird? She has two issues going on, or maybe I have two issues with her. One, she is projectiling poop (Yes, poop!) all over the walls near her cage. I swear she sticks her stinky butt rear end up to the bars of her cage and let's it fly! I clean it up when I find it, but it's staining the paint on the walls. Any bird owners have that problem? Issue #2 is that she lays eggs and tries to sit on them... for weeks. She pushes them around in the bottom of her cage, and tries to shove her body between the bars to get closer. She's quiet during that time, but as soon as I clean her cage she's back to squawking unless I sit within eyesight.

Several of my readers have asked about the iStitch Stitch-Along (SAL). It's being hosted by Carol at her iStitch blog. Initially, she agreed to let 100 stitchers participate. Then she opened up 25 more spots. They filled up fast! I think I found out about it during the last 25 openings. Every two weeks, she will release another part to the mystery SAL. If participants stitched it according to Carol's instructions, it can be mounted on a box from Hobby Lobby as seen HERE.

Last Friday, Carol sent out Part 2 of SAL. By Saturday night, I had Part 2 stitched! What do you think?

I also started the ornament for HOE's "Words of Christmas" exchange. I finished the stitched part, and am almost done with the beading part. Then assembly and viola! Finished.

I received my HOE Lizzie Kate-themed ornament today! It came from Jayne at Jayne's Stitching Tales... all the way from the UK.

Thank you, Jayne!
It's adorable.

The postman was really good to me today! I also received the sweetest card from Glenna in KS thanking me for the great job I'm doing as coordinator of BFC in the ILCS group. She also included two skeins of floss... How thoughtful *big smile*. Thank you so much, Glenna!

School is really sucking the life outta me up all my free time. Last week, we had our first quiz -- Luckily, we get to take them twice. The first time I got a "C"... Yikes. The second time I got 100%. Note to self, print the quiz questions and answers out when you take it the first time in case you don't remember how you answered the questions!

I have a 3-page "descriptive essay" on Monetary Policy due this week. (Let's hope it's not quite as descriptive as my last blog post!) Plus 3 chapters of reading (another 90+ pages), written assignments for each chapter, AND online postings.

Next week is midterm already! No re-takes on that bugger.

Until next time,


Rachel S said...

Celeste is adorable in her summer do!

I came onto that SAL too late. Your progress looks great!

Pam said...

Such a cute cute pupster.. You almost want to reach into the monitor and kiss the stuffings out of her. I'm not sure how old she is but perhaps she's at an age where she needs a food with joint support. As far as the birds, what can I say.? In my intros to groups I always mention that amongst other things I live with a couple of dirty birds. Between flinging seed and bird poop, in my honest opinion, they are lovely but crusty creatures.
Hang in there with school.. You'll get it all done.. My son is having a heck of a time managing all the homework and life as well. But if anyone can do it, you two can. Get crackin' girl, read those chapters and write that paper.. lol

Kay said...

Celeste is a cutie pie! Your exchange you got is beautiful, nice progress on your stitching. Keep up the good work with school, I know it can be demanding at times, I have that issue with my husband a lot, more often than I like to admit, lol

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your iStitch SAL is looking fantastic!!! I just love the colour you've chosen, I wish I had gotten in on that one.

Shelley said...

Celeste is such a cutie!! Sorry can't help with the bird 'issues'.

Your SAL is looking fantastic!! That was so kind of Glenna to thank you with floss :) Your ornie is adorable too.

Good luck with the school work and I love the sunflowers!

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about your garden this year. Hopefully next year will be better. Your roses are beautiful. I love those sunflowers.

Celeste is so cute. How adorable she likes to have her picture taken. As for Charley has a personality all of her own. She likes your attention that's why she does all that squawking. I'm not sure about her other issue. Your brood keeps you busy.

I love the color of the SAL. What color is it? Are you going to attach the finish to the card box?
What a cute ornament all the way from the UK.

How thoughtful of Glenna! That is a really cool.

You are so busy with school. You inspire me. I just wish I had all those smarts you do. I am sure you will get that A on your midterm.


Anonymous said...

Meari, love your blog -- For the "projectile" on the walls problem, I had the same issue. I went to Joann's and purchased a strip of clear plastic, about 12 or 18 inches wide and as long as 3 sides of the bird cage. I hang the plastic around the outside of the cage with clips and it catches the projectiles. I can just unclip as needed and wash it off in the sink and clip it back on again --- works very well at keeping waste inside the cage! Doesn't deter from the look of the cage because it's clear/see thru. Hope that helps - it was very inexpensive to buy. Might even find a piece in the remmant bin.

From sunny Phoenix AZ

Ruth said...

I just love your sunflowers and roses, very jealous.

Love the SAL piece and can't wait to see how it comes together.

The ornament you received is just lovely also.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about your veggie garden. The sunflowers and roses are beautiful. My roses are very leggy because I can't get out and cut them back. Rebecca cut them back for me a few months ago and they bloomed nicely. They are being totally neglected and still giving me some pretty blooms. One day I will walk again and get to work in my garden. Great job on you quiz.


Carol R said...

Love the sunflowers Meari! The kids used to grow them when they were little - maybe I will plant some next year!
Part 3 SAL is tiny - you'll have it stitched before the printer has finished printing ;-)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA loved the carrying the dog part... very funny!


Pam in IL said...

My little Snickers has trouble walking any distance too. Her walks now consist of only down the sidewalk to the house next door and back. Our garden didn't do any better than yours. Maybe next year will be better.

My grandma pinned a sheet to the bird cage on the side by the wall to keep the flying poop from getting on the wall. I like the clear plastic idea too.

Carol said...

That Celeste sure knows how to pose for a photo--what a beautiful dog!! I'm so jealous of your sunflowers, Meari. We usually have them, too, but this year we had a major chipmunk problem in the garden and they ate the seeds--BOTH times we planted them. Next year, we'll cover them with chicken wire or something...

Nice SAL progress--love that color!

Hard to believe that mid-terms are next week already--hang in there!! You'll do great, I'm sure :)

Sue said...

Our veggies died too; not good this year! Your flowers are gorgeous and Celeste reminds me so much of our 'Baby".........her summer cut included her tail...LOL....she looks like a little Lion with just the puff of hair on the end of her tail...LOL.......Love all your stitchy gifts!

Anonymous said...

Celeste looks so cute and sorry about your garden.

Nice stitchy gifts and the SAL looks really great.

Hope you get good marks on your next exam.


Katrien said...

Celeste looks so cute.
Your flowers look great. Poor veggies.

Anonymous said...


I love how your flowers have grown. What a cute dog you have. Neat ornament you received. ... I somehow missed the mailart... Need to look again.


EvalinaMaria said...

The garden doesn't look so bad, the roses are beautiful and sunflowers are awesome! I will have to plant some of them next year.

Celeste is adorable. My Topaz has same problem, she takes "brakes" on longer walks. Vet recommended glucosamine for her and she doing now much better.

As for the school... well, this is your last course, isn't? I know it's hard but you will survive. Just think of all that extra time you will have after graduation!

Nancy M said...

Love Celeste's summer cut. You should keep it like that year round! We have so many tomatoes this year, I've made marinara and 2 batches of salsa. 1st time for salsa! And I have green beans this year, we sprayed for deer and bunnies and NO one ate them!!!

Kelly said...

We have not had much of a summer here in the UK, we have had the worst rain in 20 years.
Your SAL is coming along nicely.
Your flowers are very pretty!

Akila said...

Love your sunflower.
SAL is coming along beautifully. Such pretty ornament and floss.

glenda said...

cute LK you got! Have any hints and tips for the CSE BFC? I inherited it and can use any ideas you may have :)

chrisstitches said...

Adorable Celeste.....
Our sunflowers were minis.
Tomatoes were ripening late due to early rains....we canned spaghetti sauce....yummy. Yellow watermelon, more tomatoes for salsa, the hens will eat lots of garden stuff ....perfect cleaners up to rind....looks like pottery inside so perfect....
chris b