Dec 5, 2011

Marvelous Monday Update 12/5/2011

I'm in Week 7 now. I wrote my last paper over the weekend. We had to pick an "accounting scandal" and write a 500 page word essay on it. Since I did the research on AIG last semester, I wrote my essay on that company. In my usual editorial style (LOL), I wrote way more than 500 words. Counting this week, I only have TWO.. count them: 1... 2... weeks before I am done, done, done! I'm thinking I'll end up with a "B" in this class.

I made it! I made it! You're probably thinking to yourself: "What is she carrying on about?" I finished Part 8 of Purple Garden! Can you believe it?

StickLounge had a group imposed deadline of December 31st. After that the chart won't be available. Each section had to be stitched before I could receive the next one. I'm now working on the final part... Part 9! I did take some liberties in adding the pink parts, and switching some colors around.

Parts 1 - 8

I worked on Part 9 over the weekend. I'm sooo close to being finished!

Isn't it exciting to get goodies in the mail? Picture this scenario:

Me at the postal counter: "I need two sheets of stamps. I want those and those. Oh and I need extra postage on these."

Clerk #1: "OK" (as he digs in the drawer for stamps and steps around the corner of the counter)

Clerk #2: "Are you looking for her package?"

Clerk #1: (quizzical look on his face) "No, I'm looking for stamps."

Clerk #2: "Well she has a package back there." (and goes to get the package)

Me: (who's been waiting for the 12 Days package -and- a RAK) "There was no tag in my box"

Clerk #2: "That package has been here for 2 days."

Pretty "sad" when the postal clerks know me by face/name. LOL As you know, I did get my 12 Days package, and I received the cutest RAK from Sue:

It makes me smile at how thoughtful Sue is. I was thrilled with the China Girl, but then I opened it up and realized the Costumes of Korea was included also! The magazine contains asian inspired charts and some very cute Halloween/Fall charts as well. Thank you for thinking of me, Sue!


EvalinaMaria said...

Congrats on the lovely RAK, and awesome WIPs. As for school, I'm sure your will get and A. You think you they will give you B because your expectations of yourself are getting higher and higher! Bee good to yourself!

Claudette497 said...

I think you should have written about that last job you had, lol. Purple garden looks wonderful - it'll be great to see it finished!

Anonymous said...

Your WIP is looking gorgeous!!! Only 2 more weeks till your done school. Praying that they go quickly. Your 12 days of xmas exchange gifts are great. Poor Celeste. She doesn't seem to care for her new friend. LOL!!!! Love these blogs.
Have a great day!!!!
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Katie said...

Wow the end is near for both school and your WIP. Love the RAKs you received.

Sunshine said...

Sue is the Best at RAKs.
Love the sharing pics of your gifts, especially Celeste....Keep em coming!!!
I'm sure PG will be doen by your next post????

Shelleen said...

Purple Garden is looking great!

Jennifer's life and goings on said...

Very nice stash and good progress on your stitching! Congrats on your school!

Anonymous said...

You've done a phenomenal job in getting to the final part of PG in such a short time Meari and the 'liberties' that you've taken have turned out very well!


Sharon said...

What a great RAK! My post office knows me too - it's always good to have friends in "high" places. LOL

As always, you're stitching is absolutely beautiful - I love the colors.

I am so proud of you for all of your accomplishments. You have worked really hard and I hope that much happiness and success come your way!

Berly said...

Those charts are adorable! Congrats on finishing part 8!!!

Lesleyanne said...

Your SAL is gorgeous, I love the colours you chose. Lovely gift received.

Carol's Stitching said...

Your garden piece is turning out beautifully! I love the pieces Sue sent you, especially the one with the Korean outfits, kind of reminds me of the dolls from the It's A Small World ride! LOL Have fun stitching and rolling through the last two weeks of college. :) Happy Stitching!

Kay said...

What wonderful RAK's you got! Have fun with the 12 days of Christmas! Your stitching progress is always great. You have come a long way with your schooling, it has to feel good to have gotten this far and know that you are almost done and can see the rewards that it will bring.

Denise SA said...

Wonderful packages you have received and wonderful stitching and you are nearly finished at school.

Carol said...

Great news on finishing up your last paper, Meari--and knowing you, you'll get your usual "A" in this class!! Regardless--you've done so well and I hope you're patting yourself on the back!

PG is looking great--like the added pink, too! And how sweet of Sue to send you such a cute RAK--enjoy :)

Akila said...

Congrats on the RAK. That definitely was very thoughtful of Sue to send such pretty stuff and that too what you like. Love the Korean costumes.
Purple garden is really looking great. Am sure you can complete it in time :)

Pam in IL said...

I like that my postmaster knows me! However, that will probably change since the post office is planning on closing nearly all the small post offices in my county.

Your WIP is coming along very nicely. I really like your color choices too.

Congrats on the RAK and the 12 Days of Christmas gifts are awesome as well.

Rachel S-H said...

Cute kits! Congrats on being so close to a finish!

Mel said...

If it makes you feel better Meari they know me at my post office too. lol. :)

purple garden is just awesome. Love it!

Nancy M said...

Your SAL is just so pretty! Congrats for keeping up with it to get all the parts, that's some kind of pressure! Nice RAK!! Guess only us stitchers can say that without sexual undertones! LOL

glenda said...

Nice job on PG. It's very, very pretty.

Your RAK is fabulous!! I am so loving the Korean costumes! Do that one it now...then send me the pattern next week. lol

Anonymous said...

I guess you are glad that your classes are over with now. Your purple garden looks very nice, and your RAK is so pretty.


Shelley said...

I love the RAK you rec'd!

Part 9 is in the works...woo hoo! I can't wait to see it all done up :)

Happy to see you enjoying your goodies.

Veronica said...

Oh, how thoughtful of Sue. Such wonderful charts. Purple Garden is looking fab. Look forward to happy dancing with you soon. By the way, you made me go o.O when I read 500 page essay. LOL! Then I realized you meant 500 words :P


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your progress on Purple Garden. It's very pretty. And your RAK is soooo you. You've got some great stitching friends out there.

Sandy in NM

Katrien said...

awesome RAK. Your purple garden looks so beautiful, how exciting it's almost finished.

Sue said...

Meari, I am happy you loved the RAK; those charts were just calling your name! LOL


Vickie said...

Love your new charts!!! They are so cute!!! Your stitching looks great!