Dec 27, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits 12/27/2011

Can you believe it's already the last week of the year? The years seem to fly by the older I get. Where does time go? Hopefully 2012 will bring some good things my way. ☺

A couple weeks ago, Daffycat held a "secret giveaway" on her blog.

Froggy is always so inquisitive when I get a package. "Rip It, Rip It!!" he says. Although I didn't take his advice and rip it open, I did unwrap it to find this:

I was thrilled when I thought I won the scissor fob. When the package arrived it came with the scissors, too! ☺☺☺ Thank you, Daffycat!


Here's one last photo of the 12 Days of Christmas exchange I received from Shelley. I love everything! Thank you again, Shelley.

I hope you all had a great holiday. I went to the BF's family gathering. Everyone brought "finger food" and we all had a good time standing around chit-chatting. I've only met the family one other time, but they were so warm and welcoming! The BF got me a large bottle of my favorite perfume and a necklace I put on my "Christmas Ideas" list, lol.

Yesterday, the BF and I got to cooking. He's been wanting to make a quiche, so we did. Doesn't it look yummy?

We put whatever I had on hand in it... Thawed spinach, onion, shredded cheese, and shitake mushrooms.

There was some chatter on one of the Yahoo groups about Latkes. I'd never heard of them before. Then on "The Chew", one of cooks made them. They are similar to hashbrown potatoes, but there's egg and onion in them. They're good warm/hot, not so good cold.

As some of you may know, I have a fireplace. Last year, my Dad gave me a fireplace insert/blower he had stored in "The Shed". The Shed is my Dad's mancave. He has all his stuff there. In conversations if you mention you need something, chances are he probably has it in the shed. He will say, "Let's go up to the shed..." LOL I wasn't particularly looking for a fireplace insert, but he knew I used my fireplace and was concerned about all the heat going up the chimney. Hence, he gave me the insert and doors.

My parents bought and used the blower a long, long time ago before they had a new one installed. It came with a black door trimmed in gold (Think 1980's). When I received it, there was a bit of rust, the fan needed oiling, and the cord needed to be replaced. My Dad got the fan running smoothly again, I repainted it, and the BF replaced the cord. We finally got it installed over the weekend. I opted to forego the doors that came with it since the gold trim was tarnished and rusted pretty badly. Looking at the insert now, you'd never know it didn't come with my fireplace doors. ☺



It's sorta weird going home right after work and not having to jump on the computer to login to my online classes or read pages and pages of textbooks. Instead, I've been going home and have started scanning a bunch of stuff for my stash-for-sale blog. I've barely made a dent in the big box of stuff I'd like to destash! If you're interested in taking a look-see, click HERE or click on the link in my sidebar.

Also... I've had quite a bit more time to stich. Imagine that! Blossom Splendor has received a lot of attention over the past week. I'm almost done with page the current page. I think there's one more page left, plus the backstitching and beads.

Bottom right of the kimono and grass

Until next time,


ChrisG said...

Those Latkes look hot and crispy and wonderful. I am making more tonight I just can't get enough of them. But you are right. The only way to eat them again once they get cold is to bake them in a toaster oven or re-fry. The quiche looks really good!

Happy New Year!

Akila said...

Quiche looks yummy. Is that a spinach one?
Such a beautiful fireplace. Great job on the insert
Lovely ornament, congrats on the scissors too :)
Great picture and progress on the blossom splendor

EvalinaMaria said...

All looks good but the best part - no more textbooks!!!

May the New Year bring to you happiness, health and prosperity!


SoCal Debbie said...

Such a nice gift from DaffyCat! Your fireplace looks warm and cozy. The food looks scrumptious. Happy New Year!

Emily in NC said...

All that food you made looks yummy, and the fireplace thing looks very useful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meari, loved reading your blog! Your 12 Days was lovely; lots of nice gifts. We also did the 12 Days here at ESC; lots of fun and I think the gals got loads of nice goodies.

This BF sounds like a keeper!!! Wowza, perfume and a necklace. You need to post a photo of the necklace! The quiche looks YUMMMMMO! I am just beginning to like the stuff...hehehehe...

Our daughter Sherri made something similar in cupcake pans. It is egg, noodles, cheeses and procuitto.....I don't know what she calls them; she got them from the food network.

I know that Blossom Spendor will be beautiful; the fabric you used was just perfect. I am so anxious to finish my LK, as you know.....LOL.......I want to make you proud, as well...! What is next on your stitching agenda?


Mouse said...

ooo sounds a good time all round and lovely presents of your BF :) love your fire :) and well done on the stitching front :) wishing you a very merry stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxx

Anonymous said...

Your fireplace looks beautiful with that new insert. You did great with the 12 days of Christmas exchange. Sounds like you had a great Christmas with friends & family. Blossom Splendor is looking more & more beautiful!!! Keep up the great work.
Latkes are made around Hanukkah. They are usually eaten with applesauce or sour cream. Jelly donuts are also a Hanukkah treat. Really anything fried is usually eaten around Hanukkah. It is a way to remember the miracle of the oil.
If you have any questions about that just give me a holler.
Happy New Year!!!!
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Nancy M said...

Your Christmas sounds nice a relaxing!We do finger foods on Christmas with my side of the family too. Just seems like too much work to do a big meal too! I'd like my daughter to get an insert. They just got their fireplace going and I've told them not to use it in Jan/Feb/March since it's too cold,but I don't think they get the concept!LOL

Faith... said...

Love the fireplace! It looks very nice.

Your 12 Days of Christmas gifts were great!

Katie said...

The fob is too cute. You came out great on the 12 Days Exchange. The food looks yummy. The fireplace looks nice indeed. Good luck with finishing Blossom Splendor!

Mary Ivancicts said...

Everything looks so good! We call them Potato Pancakes and we eat them with applesauce and sour cream!

BF sounds very good to keep around!

Sunshine said...

HaHa...School is over!!!
More stitching time!!! Looking forward to seeing your finish of BS.
Fireplace looks good too :)

Kay said...

Your cooking recipes that you made look great! What a beautiful RAK you got from Daffycat! Looks like you got so many goodies this season. Happy New Year to you and glad to hear you had a nice holiday.

Anonymous said...

Meari I enjoyed your blog update - both the quiche and latkes look yummy - two of my favourites.

I love the progress on Blossom Splendour and I am waiting very patiently to see her all finished and framed.


Julie M said...

Hi Meari!

Must feel awesome to be done with school! Wishing you great success in the future!

The fireplace looks wonderful! Good job.

So the latkes look yummy, but the quiche has green stuff in it so I can't say it looks good. I don't eat green!

Congrats on the win! Beautiful fob and scissors and your 12 days gifts are all wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Can you email me your address? I ran across something the other day that I thought you might like and want to pop it in the mail to you.

Anonymous said...


Your stitching looks wonderful, I cant wait that you finished it :)
I really like to read your blog

I start nightsift on Saturday , so no New Year celebrating in this year. Tomorrow is Hertta`s Birthday , so Im really busy still :), I cant believe that she is 19 years old tomorrow , where tha time going , lol


Laurita Hall said...

What a nice Xmas!
What a yummy quiche!
What a lovely giveaway price!
And... What a relief that you dont have to read a lot anymore! LOL


Lynette said...

That quiche looks yummy, Meari!!

Blossom splendour is progressing very well - a happy dance before too long I think!

k said...

Mmm, quiche.
Lovely price you won.
And yay for having more time to stitch. Blossom splendour will be finished before you know it :)

Katrien said...

left comment with the wron log-in!
You quiche looks delicious.
And yay for more time to stitch. Blossom Splendour will be finished before you know it :)

Denise SA said...

Blossom looks good can't wait to see her finished

Berly said...

Your fireplace looks beautiful! I love both quiche and latkes (especially with applesauce spread on the latkes)! Isn't the break in schoolwork nice??? I'm dreading starting back next Monday.

htimcj said...

What a cute give away and your stash from Shelly is great!
I love your fireplace and the latkes look delisious!

Carol said...

Lovely surprise from Sharon, Meari!! And I like your little froggy helper :)

Shelley certainly spoiled you with all those exchange goodies--you must have been a very good girl this year!

Great looking quiche--sounds so good (except no mushrooms in mine, please!).

I hope your house stays nice and toasty with your new-to-you fireplace insert. You can just sit right there all winter and stitch away the evenings now that you're done with school :)

CJ said...

Meari -

It is always good to read your blog. I have missed so many entries this month. Glad you are doing well and I wish you a very blessed 2012.


Anne said...

Ooh what a lovely gift from Sharon!! So cute and tiny!! Love all that you got from Shelley! That's an amazing idea to do!!

MMM those Latkes look soooo good! The quiche too!

So sweet of your dad to fix you up with an insert for your fireplace! The mancave cracks me up! Just like my dad!!!

Pretty progress on Blossom!!

Happy New Year!!

Vickie said...

Yummy Quiche!!! Blossom Splendor is looking wonderful!

chrisstitches said...

love the goodies from the exchange...those look like fun.