Apr 30, 2012

Fleurs and Other Stuff

Does anyone do composting?  I've been wanting to try this for a while.  I bought a compost bin over the weekend.  I just need to figure out a good place to put it and then get started.  I've read a few books, and I wondered if anyone had any tips or tricks.

For the past few weeks, I've been having chronic neck, shoulder, and arm pain.  I've been to the chiro three times with no relief.  It hasn't been this bad in years.  Heat packs, ice packs, muscle relaxers, ibuprofen... nothing has helped.  Six years ago when it first flared up, I even did physcial therapy and that didn't help.  For the past three days, I've had to sleep sitting up in order to relieve some of the achy-pain.  It stinks getting old... (I'm really not that old!)

Since I've been having a lot of pain, my stitching time has been severely curved. Boo.  I did manage a bit of stitching on Fleurs et Papillons. 

More WIP pics can be seen HERE.

I'm almost finished with Part 1.  I should be able to get it done this week.  Then it'll be on to Sampler aux Bouquets.

Until next time,


Sue said...

Meari, your work in progress is coming along beautifully.

Sorry, can't help with the composting.

The ottoman is just beautiful! You are soooooo creative and do such fine work, you should do this as a side job...LOLLLLLLLLL....nah, then you would not enjoy it as much! Just lovely.


Kathy A. said...

I hope you feel better soon. I understand the pain part. I had a real bout last year with my neck and shoulders and basically had to stop stitching to let it heal. I know the thought sucks but you might have to bite the bullet. Short term loss- long term gain.
Hang in there girl!!!!

Berly said...

The stitching is beautiful. I've been thinking about composting too. Let me know what you find out.

Denise SA said...

Sorry about the pain wish it would go away. Lovely stitching as usual

Rachel S-H said...

I hope you feel better soon. Will watch for any tips anyone gives you about composting.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you've been in pain, Meari. I love the way your "new" ottoman turned out. :)

Karin in CA

Faith... said...

The stitching looks wonderful - love the colors you picked.

Hope you feel better soon. How did the hole filling in the garage go?

Anonymous said...

Oh Meari I hope you feel better soon!

Nikki D

Pam in IL said...

So sorry that you're having neck/shoulder/arm pain. When you were in PT did they give you a diagnosis. Your pain sounds alot like mine and I was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. PT made all the difference for me, but I do also have to use a neck traction device as well as continue with the exercises. My thoracic outlet syndrome also causes carpel tunnel symptoms, but it's not CT at all.

Katie said...

Hope your pain goes away quickly. Your stitching is beautiful.

mab3500 said...

Beautiful Stitches! I really love your SAL. Feel better! Hugs~

Anonymous said...


Your Fleurs et Papillons is looking great.

I really like what you did with the ottoman - super job as always!

Sorry to hear about your aches and pains - you must have overexerted yourself SUPERWOMAN - try to do stretches before and after physical chores - my mom swears by them.

As for your compost - you need some special worms and make sure you layer vegetable/fruit with grass/leaves and soil in your container. We've been composting for years and found that having an open compost is more efficient and we have no smells/odours and the worms appeared naturally - Mother Nature is wonderful. Our compost pile is in the back corner of our city yard - nearby apple tree and rhubarb are also reaping the benefits.


Claudette497 said...

Your stitching is looking wonderful, I hope your pain clears up so you can go buck wild again.

As far as composting, get one of those countertop compost buckets to put your scraps in; if you're hiking out to the compost pile in the rain to toss in your potato peels, you'll lose the urge really fast. I got mine at the container store and it is odor free - you'd never know it was there. I don't have a compost pile, I have an earthworm farm; you may want to think about vermicomposting as an option because of your arm pain - turning compost with a pitchfork or might be too much of a production for an achy neck.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Love your samplers!

Vicky L said...

Your ottoman came out fantastic! Wonderful job plus you are so creative and handy. Your stitching is beautiful! I am loving the colors.

Linda said...

Love the ottoman! Even with some pain, you put us to shame. No, you AREN'T old, just have a bit of eldercreak...it'll pass, hopefully very soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon.


Shaunterria Owens said...

Your stitching is beautiful despite the pain you are in. I hope you are able to find relief from it somehow soon, because I want to see more of your excellent stitchy work :)

lesli said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your neck/shoulder/arm pain! :( It definitely stinks getting old (I bet I'm older than you!) I'm in the same boat, it comes and goes.... I spent hours on the massage chair last week! Hope you feel better soon!

The lace border on Fleurs et Papillons is so intricate and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your neck, shoulder, etc. I’ve been having very similar problems, and it’s been NO fun!

Tobie in So. Cal.

Bette said...

I'm sorry to hear you're having so much pain. I can relate to it. I had neck and shoulder pain all last fall into early this year. One thing I found helped me tremendously was massage therapy. I've been pain free now for a couple of months. I still go every few weeks to keep things at bay. You might think about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meari,

Sorry you have been in pain lately. Hopefully it will subside soon. Love your stitching. I also have the Sampler aux Bouquets, but

I want to start it soon too.

Debby in NC

Katrien said...

lovely progress. So sorry to hear about your pain :(

Lisa said...

Good luck on the composting Meari. Sorry to hear you have had pains and I hope they ease soon for you especially to continue with your crafts. Love the stitching so far on Fleurs et Papillons and the colours are so lovely. Cannot wait to see the finished piece (aches and pains permitting)

Anne said...

So sucky to have that many aches and pains to the point where you have to sit up to sleep (has happened to me). I truly hope more acupuncture treatment will help. Beautiful stitching. I'm surprised you can even stitch with all that's going on with your neck, back and shoulders :(


Veronica said...

Ouch! I hope the pain lessens soon. Having to sleep sitting upright doesn't sound like fun. Hope you're getting enough rest.

Fleurs is looking wonderful.


Nancy M said...

Can't help you on the composter or the pain! Hope you get help for both.

Anonymous said...


Your stitching looks lovely and

I cant believe how wonderful work you made with your " ottoman " , it looks gorgeous


Kay said...

I hope you are feeling more better than you did earlier in the week. Your stitching is beautiful!