May 13, 2024

Marvelous Monday Update 5/13/2024

Last week I talked about my finishes.  How about this week we talk about my WIP, UFOs, and new starts?

As of April, these were my cross stitch WIPs and UFOs.  Do they really count as UFOs if I've worked on them here and there?  I dunno.

Works In Progress (aka WIPs)

In March, it was a pretty big deal when I finally finished the stitching part of Japanese Garden!

Now, I'm working on the beading.  There are a lot of beads!

Japanese Garden
Stitched on   White Evenweave
with Eterna Silk, Victoria Clayton Silk, and Krenik Braid
Currently I'm sewing on Delica Beads

Stitched on 32ct Wichelt Linen "Sea Spray" 
with DMC and WDW threads
Designer: Hands On Design
Started April 2023

Eight Immortals
Progress as of 3/23/2024
Stitched on 16ct White Aida
with DMC threads
When finished, this will be 30"H x 24"L

UnFinished Objects (aka UFOs)

Balloon Glow
Pre-2014 Work in Progress

Elegance of the Orient
Pre-2017 Work In Progress

Embarassed to say I haven't worked on this since 2019.
I think I better pull it out!

Winter White Santa
Even worse, I haven't touched this one since 2018.
I was so excited to start this, too.

A Peacock's Garden
I started this in 2019.
New Starts

It's been years since I've done a mailart exchange so I couldn't pass it up when the opportunity presented itself.

This is the only photo I will be showing until it reaches the recipient.  I'll be starting the stitching soon.

Spring Mail Art Floss Toss
Stitched on 28ct Hand-Painted Jobelan by JAR Designs
with DMC threads

I also signed up for a Patriotic Ornament Exchange.  This is the floss toss.

More info to come once it arrives at it's new home.

Until next time...


Marilyn said...

All are very pretty projects.
Japanese Garden is gorgeous!

butterfly said...

Wow wonderful stitching .
I love the Japanese Garden, I am happy to see you are like me with lots of stitching starts,
Have a wonderful week hugs June.