May 24, 2024

Homestead Happenings - Part 3

 Before I could complete the paver project, I had to do some concrete repairs on the front step.  Again, another first for this type of project. Talk about learning experiences!

Left Side of the Front Step

Right Side of Front Step

Corner of Upper Step

Using plywood scraps, I build corner forms and set to work mixing up quick set concrete.  This stuff definitely sets up quick.

Stuff I used.  Time consuming, but not difficult.

After about 10 minutes I could remove the forms and set to work smoothing out the sides and edges.

Upper Step Repaired

Repaired Left Side of Step

Repaired Right Side of Step

What I learned:  Only mix what you can use in one section at a time.  Quick set cement does set quick!
Another well overdue project completed.  I'm sure I saved $$$ learning to do this myself.  My Dad would be proud!

Until next time...


Marilyn said...

Oh my, you are so ambitious.
It looks great!