Jun 20, 2024

Maybe You Don't Know of Craft Night

 Last year, I found out that my local library hosts an adult craft night one or two nights a month.  They schedule different crafts which is a great way to try them and not invest a lot of money. My library hosts craft night for FREE! 

One of the first craft nights I went to was making tied blankets for charity.  The blankets went to first responders and organizations who dealt with children.  My group made two blankets.

What kiddo wouldn't like a blanket like this?
I took the leftover corner squares home and made a cat quilt for the hostess' cat.  She said the kitty just loved it.

No fabric was wasted in the making of blankets 😀
I'd carved pumpkins before, but never decorated one. We picked out our pumpkins and were provided a plethora of decorations to bling away.  It was a lot of fun.  My pumpkin is still in good shape and I decorated it last October!

These are the pumpkins from everyone who sat at my table. Who knew we were so imaginative?

A soapmaker came to the library and taught us about the history of soapmaking and talked about their eco-friendly company.  It was so interesting!  After the talk, we were shown how to make soap and we got to make some. We got to pick out our own color(s) as well as the scent(s) we wanted in our soap. Another fun craft night!
I thought this was going to be more macrame knot tying than tying the cord around a ring. Cute, nontheless.  I made mine into magnets.

Whew!  I sure do give kudos to those who love to do this craft.  We worked on a coaster for a little over two hours at the library. Then I took mine home and worked on it at least another two hours to finish it.

Sparkly and shiny and pretty, yes.  All those little "diamonds"... aye, aye!  Definitely not a craft for me.

This was such a fun craft.  We had our choice of dried flowers and leaves to make this.  You can't tell from the photo, but there's also glitter on the bookmark.  So pretty!

If I get time, I'd like to do this again on my own.

The most recent craft night featured watercolor painting. The subject was a bluebird.  The library had a instructor teach us via Zoom.

Mine needs a little more work, but not bad for not knowing what I was painting other than it was a bird. LOL  Now that I know what kind of bird it's supposed to be, I want to paint it again.  The commentary of the other patrons while painting was hilarious.  The hostess had to rein them in. 😲

If you're interested in craft night, check with your local library or see if they have a schedule of programs and events on their website.

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Marilyn said...

Those look like some fun crafts!