Jun 24, 2024

Marvelous Monday Update 6/24/2024

Almost a month ago, I drove over 2 1/2 hours to buy this...

2017 Casita Camper

I'd been looking at RV's for six months or more.  I'd never towed a trailer, let alone a camper, nor had I backed one up.  I wanted to be able to travel and take my furbabies with me.

Arent' they cute?!

Once I got back to my city, I went to a local empty parking lot and practiced backing up. 

I can't say that no cones were harmed in this adventure.  I knocked several over and crushed one during the hour long practice session.

Long time readers may remember that my driveway is steep and long.
However, I was able to get this 17-foot camper backed up and in place.

Look at how close to the curb I got it!

The furbabies and I spent several weekends driveway camping to get them used to it.  
Now, they know the word "camper" and each time I take them outside, they want to go in the camper!

Mom!  Camper, pleasssse?!

The Casita has everything a large camper has, but on a small scale. It's just big enough for me and the furbabies. Maybe one other person.

The wet bath is to the right when you come in the door.  For those who don't know what a wet bath is, it's a toilet/sink/shower combination. When you take a shower, everything in there gets wet.  Hence the name.

I love that the toilet is up on a pedestal above the black water tank.  It's like using a toilet in the handicap stall at public restrooms.

This is a view of the bathroom door closed and the side dinette.  The side dinette coverts into a single bed.  It has storage underneath each of the seats.

At the rear of the Casita is the large dinette which converts into a full size bed.  I doubt I'll use the rear dinette and just keep it as a bed.  At least I have the option, though.  There's a TV in the corner and I'm able to use my Amazon Firestick with the hotspot on my phone to stream movies and watch YouTube. Very cool!
There are also room darkening shades and a curtain to close off the "bedroom" area.

 The kitchenette has a two-burner propane stove with a cover and a shallow sink.  Above the stove is an exhaust fan and light.

When I close the stove cover, I can use a dish mat to put my newly washed dishes on.

It has a 4 cubic ft 3-way refrigerator which means it can run on battery, propane, or shore power (electricity).  It's got a tiny little freezer, too.

Directly above the refrigerator is a microwave ready space. For those who don't want to put a microwave in, it can be used as storage.  The door opens down flat so it can be used as a food prep area, too.

There are storage "cabinets" (more like cubbies) along the upper edge around the perimeter of the camper.  Larger storage spaces along the bottom edge under the dinettes, stove, and sink.  No space goes unused in this tiny home on wheels.

Since I brought it home, I've been doing some modifications or "mods" as others call it.

My Casita was missing the emergency brakeaway cable. So I had to get a new one.  Turns out the previous owner took it off and used it on another RV... because the Casita didn't originally come with one. 😒 I guess I find it hard to believe because if there is a breakaway module on it, it had to come with a cable, but whatever.

The breakaway cable is a safety feature that engages the camper brakes if the tow chains come loose from the vehicle.  To think I drove home 2 1/2 hours without one... 😐 Thankfully, it was an uneventful trip.

The only outside storage door opens towards the sky and it's a pain in the rear to get something out because it falls shut.

I installed a door clip to hold it open.  So now while I'm digging around in there I don't have the frustration of trying to hold it open.

When I picked up the Casita, the 7-pin plug was full of dirt.  This tells me they didn't keep the plug off the ground.  One would think the previous owners would've cleaned it out, but no.  I did right before I plugged in to tow it home.

To assist in keeping the plug dry and dirt free, I installed a connector storage kit.  I really like how it keeps the cord from free dangling and up out of the way.

My latest modification is painting the camper tongue white.  If you've never tried to hitch up a trailer, let me tell you... it's hard to see a black tongue with a vehicle back up camera.

By painting it white, it is SO much easier to see!

Stayed tuned for future posts on my Casita and travels.

Until next time...


Marilyn said...

Congrats on your camper purchase.
It's so cute!
The puppies are too funny wanting to go camping now.
Have fun!

Purple Pixie Dust said...

enjoy your camper. hugs

butterfly said...

Have loads of fun in your new camper.