Jun 29, 2024

Collapse and Chaos Part 1

Traveling Back in Time... The year 2021 had barely started.  I was pulled from my slumber at o'dark thirty on January 31st, 2021.

My neighbor, frantic, telling me to get my car out of my garage.  Whaat? Why?  The half century old concrete block building that was built literally a foot behind my garage had collapsed under the heavy snowfall we'd been receiving.  Rumor has it that the owner of the building didn't put money into maintaining his building which resulted in three surrounding property owners having to pay for damage... Thank you "Act of God".

This was what the view of my backyard looked like until April 2021.

Close up view of the mess.  Unfortunately because of the weather, assessment and clean up couldn't happen until the snow melted.

The two previous photos are of the building collapse on the neighbor's side.  The building spanned both our properties.

Unfortunately, my garage took the brunt of the fall.  Since my garage was brick, it kept the neighbor's garage from being totally demolished.

My garage is to the right.  Doesn't look bad, right?

Look further...

The collapse pushed the bricks on my garage forward about 3 inches.

The backside of my garage was holding the wall of the building.

The inside of my garage suffered some damage, too. Stress cracks from the impact.

Despite the stress of this incident, I was thankful it wasn't worse.  Because my garage was brick, it stood up to the collapse.  My car was in the garage so it could've been damaged and wasn't. So grateful!

Until Next Time...


Marilyn said...

Oh! That is some devastating damage!
I hope everything is better now, that's scary.

butterfly said...

Yes I agree with Marilyn . Devastating damage .
Hope you got things sorted and that everything is now good.