Apr 19, 2007

Words of Gratitude

Do you know what's really spectacular about online stitching friends? If they can help out another stitcher, they don't hesitate to do so. Whether it's advice on a stitchy problem or a personal problem, or to make someone's day with a RAK... Stitchers step up and lend an ear, give their words of wisdom and support, and provide kindness through cards and gifts. I don't know anyone in real life who stitches, so I get my inspiration from you guys. For all of you out there... Kudos to you!

What possessed me to write a warm & fuzzy post? A couple weeks ago, I finished the front and back of my biscornu to be finished at a retreat in June. I didn't have enough WDW to do the finishing, so I thought I'd order another skein. It came to my attention that Grenadine was discontinued! Naturally, I turned to my online stitchy friends. While MANY offered to help, Jennifer in FL was the first so I went with her. In today's mail, I received a cute card that on the front reads: "What's a nice person like you doing in a place like this?" and on the inside it said: "Everything!"

I just wanted to express my gratitude to Jennifer and the rest of you whom I've gotten to know online. You all make a difference... and don't let anyone convince you otherwise.


Vicki said...

Online friends are wonderful. What a great card to find in the mail...along with some beautiful thread to help you out.

Cheryl said...

I couldn't agree more! Online stitching friends are just great

Petra said...

WOW, I had the same problem! I needed the Grenadine for the May Lizzie Kate flipit and had to go to an online stitching buddy who helped me out.
Why design a NEW pattern with a discontinued thread color?!