Apr 30, 2007

Monday Update 4/30/07

Whew! What a weekend...

I picked up my 8yr old niece on Saturday. We went to a rummage sale fundraiser for the local animal shelter. I found a bunch of cross stitch leaflets and a kit (all for 50 cents!) and a small trash can that matches my bathroom d├ęcor. Another 50 cents. Big spender I was! She found a bead kit that made 4 different projects and a tin for her overflowing crayons and markers that she HAD to bring to my house.

We spent the next 3 hours making all the bead projects in the kit. She was really excited to have made a hand-held mirror, a night light, a clip board, a flower ornament, and a mobile! Then we went to the park for some rollerblading. She’s not very good so when I tried to help her, I ended up falling on my behind... which of course, was quite amusing to her! Afterwards, she says to me: “I wish I could stay over night.” So after I called her Dad and got the green light, and she was all smiles.

I started a new antibiotic on Friday night and around 8pm Saturday night, I started having severe cramps and well you can guess what followed. I was in and out of the bathroom until about 3am. (I’ve had an upset stomach ever since.)

On Sunday, I woke up tired with a sore midback. I’m guessing my back was hurting from the spill I had while ‘blading. After lunch, we went back to the rummage sale (It was fill-a-bag for $1 day) and found a few more things. She got a little girl praying figurine, and I got a scroll rod and some needlecraft books. The niece and I worked on some needlework for a few hours before I took her home. I gave her a couple of the crewel embroidery kits that I received as a RAK a couple weeks ago.

It was really amusing to me each of us sitting side-by-side on the sofa working diligently on our needlework. She was very proud of the progress she made, and even commented on how she liked my Gingher stork scissors she’d seen the last time she was at my house. Then she kept telling me how she’d like a pair. LOL! So, I think I’ll get her a cheapie pair when I go to Hobby Lobby next time.

Whenever I see and leave my nieces and nephew, I always give them hugs. When I went to leave, my niece looked up at me with a big smile and said: “Thanks for a VERY fun weekend!” Awww...


stitcherw said...

I'm glad you had such a good time with her, and it sounds like you may be getting another stitcher in your family.