Apr 16, 2007

Monday Update 4/16/07

Six a.m. The alarm sounds. Time to get up... already? Half asleep, I stumble to the bathroom and start the shower. Yes indeed. Today, I need the water splashing in my face to wake me up. Smacking my lips together, my mouth feels like I’d been sucking on the blanket all night. What’s up with that?! After the shower, I feel MUCH better.

I’m still feeling the effects of working like a fiend on my homework and class project yesterday. My neck and shoulders are stiff from sitting hunched over the desk and computer for 9 hours. You cannot know the thrill I was feeling when I finished my class project – a power point presentation on the climatic conditions of 1930’s Dust Bowl! I am really proud of my project. Sixteen slides chock full of information, animation, and photographs depicting not only climatic conditions, but the human element that also had a hand in what happened in the decade of the 30’s. The best part? I got it done a week ahead of schedule and because I uploaded it to the class website, I get the benefit of the instructor’s review and ability to make any suggested changes before the actual due date. How great is that?? Two more weeks and class is done and I’ll be happy dancin’ my way to graduation!!! I’m holding close to an A. And I do mean close! As in less than 1% away. It would be great if I could pull off an A, but I’ll be happy with a B.

Geesh, it just dawned on me that I haven’t stitched in over a week. Ack. Maybe if I get ahead on my homework this week, I can get started on two projects that need to be completed for the retreat I’m going to in June.

Last week was the final screening for the Get Fit Challenge sponsored by the local hospital. Each year, my firm pays for a team to participate in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Compared to my initial screening, cholesterol went UP 4pts, weight went UP 2/10th of a lb., and my body fat percentage went DOWN 3.1%. Does that make sense? All I can figure is that I’ve been exercising more in the past 3 weeks and perhaps I burned off fat and gained muscle. Dunno.


Vicki said...

Nice surprise you got in the mail. I love fiddlers cloth. Seems to be my fabby of choice for halloween projects for some reason. LOL

Tessa said...

Good luck with your project - I'll send over lots of 'A' vibes :)
Nice to have a retreat to look forward to after all your study.

stitcherw said...

Congrats on getting ahead on your school work, that should help cut down on the stress level. I'll keep my fingers crossed on your getting the A.