Apr 9, 2007


Ack! When I was cleaning my stitching corner, I found that some water was spilled on the table and my Sea Heather (Thread Gatherer Silk n Colors) floss got soaked with water. I laid it on the dining room table to dry and now it’s not soft like it was. Is it ruined???


Jeanne W. said...

I think your floss may be OK, Meari. The only things I would check for are smell (if it was in the water for a long time, it could be mildewed) and color fading. If it's just a little stiff, that should work itself out as you stitch. Or you could try just crumpling it up a bit in your hands to see if it softens up. Don't rub it too much, though - you don't want to make it fuzzy! Good luck and let us know if it's OK!

Jenna said...

I know that silks don't react well to bring wet, but I've never had it happen myself, so I'm afraid that I can't help. I hope that the skein isn't ruined.