Aug 14, 2006

A Bit Of Quality Time

A while back, I purchased a small sewing machine. Several women on a sewing group recommended I have it serviced – adjusted, cleaned, oiled, etc. I checked in my town and the only place that would do it wanted to charge me $70. I happened to be in Hancock Fabrics a few weeks ago in the next large city over and they put a flyer in the bag about a guy who comes to the store and services machines once or twice a month for $38 – repairs extra. So which do you think I did?

On Saturday, I went to pick up my machine and a Sam’s Club card my employer bought for the employees. I asked my sister to go along and we made a day of it. Both of us were short on funds, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time!

First we had lunch. Do you remember the newlywed reality show with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey? The one and only episode I watched was the one where she questioned whether Chicken of the Sea was really tuna, since it said “Chicken” of the Sea. Well, my sister had a Jessica moment during lunch. She ordered chicken fried steak. Halfway through eating it, she looks at me and comments about how it didn’t taste like chicken, it tasted like beef. LOL I explained to her that “chicken fried” meant it had a fried coating on it like fried chicken and the “steak” part meant it was beef. She will not live that one down for a while… Wait ‘til I tell my niece!

We ended up going to Hobby Lobby four... yes FOUR times! The last time we were in the check out line and a lady in the line next to ours gave my sister a 40% off coupon that she wasn’t going to use. So we ended up shopping some more! My sister picked up some Christmas presents for the kids. We also went to JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, Starbucks, and Sally’s Beauty supply. Eight hours later, we headed for home.

I tried... really, I did! I tried to be good and not load up on stash. I came home with a few things:

Magnifier (40% off)
Bead Organizer (50% off)
Scissors (50% off)
Chart – The Surprise (81% off)
Chart - Victorian Elegance (91% off)

My sister and I tested out almost every magnifier we could find -- from the glasses to the clip-ons, to the table top ones -- well, the inexpensive ones anyway. I am so blind that the clip-ons wouldn't work with my glasses. The ones that were actual glasses, I couldn't see without my regular glasses! I tried the one I bought above and it seems to work pretty good. In addition to a clip-on base, it has a magnetic base and a cover to protect the magnifier itself. Plus the cover holds the magnetic base, too.

Victorian Elegance has charts for pulled thread work to create beautiful sewing accessories such as a needlebook, scissor fob, pin cushion, and chatelaine. The Surprise is an adaptation of Sandy Austin Stein’s painting and included the bead pack.

Other Stitchy Stuff:

I got a deal on a Bead Nabber and Bead Nabber Replacement Pads at Michaels a few weeks ago. Both rang up at a penny a piece! My sister is doing a beaded scissor bag and borrowed my Bead Nabber and Tacky Bob. Her review of each: The Bead Nabber is easier to use than the Tacky Bob. I haven’t used either yet, but will as soon as I get Japanese Garden stitched up.

I spent a few hours on Sunday stitching on Freedom. I’m sure I’m well past 100 hours now and will be posting a new WIP pic soon. All the browns and blacks in the wings is driving me batty. Such drab colors!

Calm Before The Storm?

As I perused my planner this morning, I noticed that I have nothing, absolutely nothing, scheduled for this week. Is it an omen?

The fall semester starts next week... Intro to Ecology here I come. Science is one of my weaker subjects. I purchased the textbook and lab manual last week. Shelled out $170 for both -- I am so lucky my employer pays for my schooling. I don't think I'd be going if they didn't... I couldn't afford it!


debbi said...

Loved the blog today ... read it all. Enjoy your goodies. And good luck with school (science - ick).