Aug 30, 2006

Never Ending Source of Entertainment

Part I
My neighbors have not only become a thorn in my side, but also continue to amuse me with their passive aggressive behavior.

Remember the swing incident from a couple weeks ago? I have a little update… When the daughter moved in (which I’m *still* wondering if the landlord knows), the covered swing was placed under the trees in the backyard behind the garage. Ya’ll remember the sign, right? “Do Not Touch” Hmmm, yeah OK.

My nieces came to visit me last weekend. I suggested they go in the backyard to see what was back there. They came back about 10 minutes later. I asked them how they liked the sign. One exclaimed “Oh, they can break the tire swing” but I can’t touch theirs?! Then she proceeded to tell me that she removed the sign and taped it backwards on the swing. LOL (Can you tell we’re related?)

The story doesn’t stop there, though. Oh no...

The next day, I found that the neighbors moved the swing! They moved it to the side of the garage where it could be viewed from the kitchen windows. They also removed the sign. LOL

Part II
When my neighbor mows, she blows grass all over the concrete driveway and leaves it. I’m guessing she figures since she doesn’t have to drive on that side (and I do), that she shouldn’t have to clean it up. Two can play at that game... When my niece was over, she mowed the yard. The good kid that she is, she mowed the entire front yard, including the neighbor’s side, along side the driveway where the other neighbor’s house is, plus the front part of the backyard. The grass on the opposite side of the driveway was quite tall. Not as tall as the weeds up against the house on the my neighbor’s side, though. My niece was going to clean the grass off the driveway, but I informed her we don’t clean up area the neighbor drives on. Bad influence, aren’t I?

The best part was when I went outside the next day to let my dog out, the neighbor was over there sweeping up the grass! Now, I ask you... if she can sweep it up when she didn’t put it there, WHY can’t she sweep it up when she does?! I chuckled to myself all the back to the house.

I had plans for my niece to mow the ENTIRE yard all summer and was going to pay her to do it. Since my neighbor started the passive aggressive behavior, my niece gets paid to mow only my “bit”, as determined by the neighbor. Neighbor’s loss!!


xsquared said...

Ugh, aren't neighbors the worst? We've got some real characters on either side of us: on one side we have the crazy twin sisters, who don't like the wear pants *shudder* and on the other we have annoying neighbor, who is all up in everyone's business and likes to tell us how we should do everything. The joys of home ownership!

Vicki said...

Good grief...some people. Love the grass cutting!! LOL

Singular Stitches said...

hee hee. Good for your niece! :o)

Carol said...

I'm laughing with you! I'm glad I don't really have "neighbors" anymore. I have 3 and they are all an acre or two away.