Aug 24, 2006

Floss Frenzy

Picture in your mind stitchers swarming into Hancock Fabrics to get the deal of the decade. A sale that is unbenownst to managers and supervisors across the world. What sale am I talking about?

If you subscribe to Hancock Fabrics email flyers and/or were on their website early this morning, you were privvy to a bit of information: DMC Floss on sale... 20 for $1! By 11am, however the advertisment was gone... Poof! What happened, you ask? It seems that Hancock was trying to work a deal with DMC that fell through at the last minute and the guy in charge of advertising didn't get the memo. Corporate communication, ya gotta love it!

By the time he found out, hundreds if not thousands of stitchers around the world were worked up in a frenzy to cash in on this great deal. 5 cents a piece? Who could pass that up?! One sixth the regular price! In my mind it reminded me of fish at feeding time. Stitchers all in a floss frenzy! I had this picture running through my head of people doing calculations as to how much they could afford to buy and stitchers bombarding the store, fighting over the last skeins of certain colors!

I was told by this guy at Hancock Fabrics that as long as customers had a printed copy of the ad, stores would honor it. I was told by another stitcher who talked to the sales manager of HF (1-877-322-7427 Linda Jenkins) that all a customer had to do was mention they saw the online ad and stores would honor it. All stores received an email regarding this on 8/24 and 8/25. The sale ends Saturday, though. HF stores all over the world will probably saying, "Thank God!" LOL There have been reports of some stores limiting (or trying to) the amount of floss that can be purchased. Other reports have come in where clerks feigned ingorance and tried to charge regular price until the customer pointed out the sale. Some managers have been downright rude in claiming they "knew nothing" and refused to contact the corporate office about it. I know someone who went to a HF and after her purchase, the manager confiscated her printed ad. On the other hand, there have also been reports of managers being happy, helpful, and willing to sell the floss at that price.


Kali said...

20 for $1? WOW! That brings me back to when I started stitching and the LNS would sell them 10/$1 for the New Years day sale if you turned a list of what you wanted in atleast a week ahead. They'd even have them all ready for you when you got there!