Sep 12, 2007

As The Grass Grows

Setting the scene: It's 7:15am. I'm in my bathroom getting ready for work. I hear a lawnmower. I look out my bathroom window which faces the backyard. What do I see?

The neighbor's daughter starts to mow the backyard. (Her mother mowed the front part of the yard on Saturday.) The grass in the backyard is now about 6" tall and drenched in dew. It's 7:15 for goodness sake!

I chuckle to myself as I finish getting ready for work. There's a conversation going on in my head: "She's so dumb. You *never* mow the grass in the morning, and definitely NOT when it's wet. Where did she learn to mow? Oh yeah... probably the mother. Fruitcakes don't fall far from the tree."

7:25am. I hear the lawnmower sputter. The lawnmower dies. I look out the window again. The daughter managed to get a small square of yard done before the mower died. Gee, wonder why? Maybe because the grass is LONG and heavy? Mower is started again. I watch her for a few minutes. She starts to push the mower... it sputters... it recovers... she starts to inch the mower along... lol, about 5" at a time. The mower dies again. She starts it up, and looks around to see if anyone is watching her. I think about waving, but her back is to me so it would've been a wasted effort. I finish getting ready for work.

7:40am. The mower stops. I hear the garage door slam down against the concrete. (The landlord *still* has not replaced the garage door openers that were electrified during the flood last month.) The door to their place slams shut. I look out at the backyard. She managed to mow 1/3 before it must've dawned on her *now* is not a good time to mow.


Update: 6:54pm. I came home from work and the backyard has not been mowed. What's wrong with these people?


~Velda said...

But aren't you going to miss them when you move? *ducking* LMAO! you sure brightened my day. I'm going to really not enjoy the boring stories you will have about your wonderful , new, respectful neighbours lol

glenda said...

I actually feel bad for whomever moves in when you leave! What a riot!

Julie R said...

Just a few more weeks...:)I am happy for you to be rid of these people.

Barbara said...

Would love to have seen this idiot out there "trying" to mow. LOL Now whatever will you do for entertainment after you move? Oh, just kidding (I say before you smack me - lol).
Barb in TX