Sep 18, 2007

Tuesday Update 9/18/07

Stitchy Stuff
I'm working on the last and final installment of "No Place Like Home" by Pine Mountain Designs. This one is mine! I went to Walmart to take advantage of the 10cent clearance they're having on DMC floss. I thought I'd get the colors needed to stitch the accessories to go with the Pink Carnations piece. Wouldn't you know they were out of ALL the colors I needed!

Home Buying News
It's only a matter of time, now. Three, count them: 1 2 3, four days until closing! I have all my ducks in a row. Day off work... *check* Rate locked... *check* Confirmation from loan processor/closer/title company... *check* Homeowners insurance... *check* Walk-thru... Wed *check* Yes, I do believe I'm ready to go. :)

I made a third trip to the grocery store this morning to get more boxes. I must have at least 70 boxes packed already! I'm hoping this last stash of boxes will be it. The "kid" who was working in the produce dept today, actually wheeled the boxes out to the car and loaded them for me. How's that for red carpet treatment?!

Where Is My Bumper?
Remember back in June when I went to the retreat in Indianapolis? Would you believe that the auto body shop is *just now* getting around to fixing the damage? Actually, it was done last Thursday (after how many months? 2½). I find it totally unacceptable and you can bet my last dollar that I will not be using them again. They wonder why I took the "advertising" sticker off my car after I bought it from them 8 years ago. Hmmm, gee..... ??

My plans of finishing the online class had a wrench thrown in them. I whizzed through the assignments and first quiz the first week of class. The instructor graded about 3 of the assignments. I waited and waited and waited for the instructor to grade the rest. Finally, I emailed him about it. I wanted to have at least the quiz graded before I went on. I received an email response from him telling me that he would *only* grade the assignments if 4 or 5 people turned them in, or if it was *that* week the assignments were being worked on in the walk-in class! I thought: What the ??? Two weeks later now, I get an email telling me that he'd thought over his "policy" for grading and that it wasn't fair to hold students back if they want to work ahead, since it's rare that students want to. Well hey! I wanted to be DONE by now. I'm moving in 3 days!! I checked my gradebook and sure 'nuf he graded everything. So now I can work on...


glenda said...

That is way too long a wait to get your car fixed. I wouldn't use them again either.