Sep 18, 2007

What Is This? 9/7/07 Answer

Anyone a fan of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? The wicked stepmother said, "Mirror Mirror on the wall..."

Yes, that was a pic of a mirror I had hanging near the entryway of my dining room. What's the story of the mirror? I found it in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby several years ago. It was a battered, rather unattractive looking pale yellow piece of work. The mail/calendar rack you see next to the mirror... It was a bright colbalt blue color.

I took a trot on down to the local Menards where I found a rainbow of spray paint cans in a menagerie of textures. I picked out a gray granite and set about creating my new works of art. The end result was two matching pieces that fit well into my decor. Years later, I still like what I did!

The winner of this episode of "What Is This?" is....


Congratulations, Patty!

Past winners have been:
• Anita Sorrells in Illinois

Thank you all for reading my blog and participating!


Anonymous said...

Oh WOW thank you that was fun....
I used that same paint to cover a plastic corner unit made it look like stone... it was cool until it fell over :(

stitcherw said...

What a neat way to refinish the mirror, it lools great.