Jun 29, 2008

Pink Carnations

Last fall, I bought a plain wood box at Michaels. After removing the hardware, I sanded and stained the inside and outside. Once it was dry, I put the hardware back on. What do you get when you combine this...

...with this?

After 4 hours....

Pink Carnations
Finished: 11/08/07 Time: 29.5 Hours
Designer: Sweetheart Tree
Fabric: 28ct Graziano pink checkered linen
Fibers: DMC Threads
Embellished with Mill Hill Beads

I bought additional gingham linen to make a matching needlebook and scissor fob to go along with it.

Here's what some friends had to say:

My gosh, Meari, I am in awe of your skills. That is just beautiful! I bow to your creativity!! ! Wow! ~Lynn

Meari, that is just amazing. Very nice work! ~Janet in TX

Your box turned out terrific. ~Gabi

Beautiful, Meari! I love it! ~Betty W

What a great job you did Meari, congrats on the finish. ~Leslie F

It's just beautiful. ~Judith T in CA

Meari, Really, really pretty! Great job! Wow! ~Shannon M

It's absolutely beautiful, Meari! ~Tracy W

Meari, your box is just beautiful... a great finish! I just love the Sweetheart Tree Pink Carnation design! You have used it in a lovely way. Know you are proud of the finished product, and should be! ~Shirley in KY

Really nice Meari. I love how you stained it as well. Great job! ~Petra

Meari, Your finishing talents are just awesome!!! You rock, girl!!!!! ~Barb in TX

Meari, Your pink carnations box is absolutely gorgeous!! ~Mary B in Northern IL

It is very pretty. You always do such a nice job. ~JosieAnn

That is a beautiful box - I'm in awe! You should definitely enter the fair. Good luck! ~Lynda

What a beautiful finish Meari! I love it! ~Karin in NV

You keep this up, you will have another class you will need to teach!! Wonderful finish, I have several boxes myself which are unfinished and in a drawer somewhere. Now you are making me go find them and see if they are worthy for finishing!! ~Nancy M

Meari, I just love what you did with the box and your stitched piece. ~Marl

Hi Meari, Your box is just GORGEOUS !!!! ~Patti

Your box is beautiful, Meari! What a wonderful job you did. And I agree with you about Freedom Writers. It was an excellent movie. ~Sandy

Fabulous finish Meari. You and your work are remarkable. ~Tina

Your box is fabulous, Meari! Congratulations and a rhumba or cha-cha!!!! Great perseverance and creativity! BTW, I love your movie reviews--keep them coming, please! ~Patricia (Dr. P in NC)

Meari, Your box is just perfect, so beautiful. I love it . That stitched piece is sooooo beutiful. Amazing great work ~Tinna

I love it Meari! What a gorgeous box you've made. ~Marcy

I have to say your box is absolutely beautiful! You have inspired me to do something special for my future daughter in law! Keep up the great work you do......I love looking at your projects! ~Sandi in IL

What a beautiful box, Maeri! ~Josephine

Meari, I LOVE your Pink Carnations and the way you finished it! All
my favorite colors too!
~Pam in IL

OMG Meari.....That is beautiful, you are so talented! ~Mary I

This is so pretty Meari!! Congratulations! Do you need my adress LOL? ~Eva in NL

WOW! WOW! WOW! I am totally speechless. Your talents amazes me. Keep it up! ~Vicky L

Wow Meari!! That's really gorgeous!!!! I love how it turned out too!! I want to do one!!!!!!! ~Pam K

I love that box!!! ~Glenda


Rene la Frog said...

Fantastic finishing. GMTA again LOL. While we were out on Friday for a day of S.E.X. I got a little box that I want to finish just as you did. Not sure what I'm going to put on it but I hope it comes out 1/2 as good as yours did.

Terry said...

Wow! Just beautiful!

CJ said...

Beautiful!! I love it!! What a great way to display a piece of stitchery.


Beth said...

It's just stunning! Wonderful job!


Sharon said...

Meari that is just gorgeous! Beautiful finishing! Will you tell how you lined your box?

mercy said...

It looks wonderful Meari!

Virpi said...


Tanglingthread said...

It is just Wow! Congrats on an amazing finish.

Kathryn said...

Boy, that is LOVELY. I want to finish a box like that, but I pale at the sanding and painting. I'm good with fabric, but not much else handy.

Congratulations on a beautiful keepsake.

Barbara said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Kudos!!!!!
Barb in TX

Dawn B. said...

That is absolutly stunning. Very nice work.

Shari said...

beautiful finish Meari!!! Love it!!!! I remember you working on that piece!!! Thanks for sharing!

~V said...

My Gosh Meari, that is stunning!

Bliss said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Barbara said...

That's absolutely amazing, Meari! It is so incredibly beautiful. Great job!!!!

Lisa said...

Meari, magnificent job! OH! Do I see a cute little scissor fob in that gorgeous box? LOL. See how observant I am? really beautiful finish, congratulations. :-)

Kelly said...

Stunning Meari!

sales said...


Mary Ann said...

Oh my, that is so pretty!!!

Patty Smith (ILCS) said...

WOW WOW and WOW that is very beautiful well done Meari!

Katrien said...

wow Meari, that's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love it so much! You did an awesome job! Congratulations on this beautiful finish.

Margaret said...

Oh wow that is gorgeous. How did you affix the stitching to the lid?

stitcherw said...

Your box turned out awesome. You did a wonderful job on finishing it, and Carnations is such a beautiful piece, it works perfectly for it.

Deirdre said...

You did an absolutely fabulous job on that! I am awed!

Lisa said...

That is a beautiful finish! Out of curiousity, what did you use to adhere the XS piece to the top?

Oma said...

That's gorgeous! I love it!

Miokka said...

Wow oh wow oh wow! It's beautiful!!!!

Abi said...

Gorgeous, Meari - the perfect combination!

Jennifer said...

That box is SO fabulous!!! I love how the dark wood compliments the pink fabric! It's amazing how nice those wooden boxes can be with just a little sanding.

Christine H said...

Meari, your creativity never ceases to amazing me. That is gorgeous.

Kathy said...

Awesome box. Beautiful job. Very creative. You do some awesome things.

Debra said...

Meari, just stunning!!!
Debra in Indiana

Jenna said...

OMG, Meari! I am in awe of your finishing skills. That box turned out perfectly and Pink Carnations looks so majestic sitting atop it. Amazing! Just gorgeous!

glenda said...

The box is gorgeous! You are always so brave to try new things!

Julie R said...

It's absolutely beautiful, Meari! I wish I had half your creativity.