Jun 1, 2008

Who Needs An Electric Chair?

I don't need an electric chair or the governor... I can electrocute myself all on my own, thank you.

*Sputter, Cough, Choke* Restart the mower. *Sputter, Cough, Choke*

I say to myself: "What now?" as I observe the lawnmower engine trying to remember what J told me to do if the mower started running funny.

In my vast observation of the piece of crap mower, I saw a cable dangling. I know enough about mowers that I knew the cable was *supposed* to be attached to the spark plug, which is where power comes from. In my limited wisdom, I reached down to attach the cable... WHILE said mower was running... and promptly electrocuted myself.

You can bet it didn't take long at all for me to let the thing go and shut the mower off.

Phone Call #1: Get J's voicemail. Crap. Darn. (Turns out he was mowing, too.)

Phone Call #2: Mom says Dad isn't home. He's at Uncle F's. Strike Two.

Phone Call #3: *sleepy* Hello? Jackpot! Hey bro... how do I... Thanks, and sorry for waking you up from your afternoon nap. (I could go for one of those!)

Just crimp it with pliers and snap it back on. Imagine how well that works when the mower is NOT running. No electrocution!

Later, I tell J and after he gets done laughing at my electrocution story he offers to get me a rubber "boot" for the spark plug.


Nancy said...

Always get a chuckle out of reading your blog, sorry this one is at your own misfortune!! Hope it didn't hurt too much!

Linda K's Creativity Works said...


I know it's not funny to be electrocuted but I just had to laugh though - your title and than your story...you always have a way of making me laugh.

Thanks for letting everyone know what you are stitching...I was wondering that myself.

Thanks for your comments too...I really appreciate them very much.

Take care & Happy Stitching

Jenna said...

Youch! I hope it wasn't too painful. That's one thing I can say I've never done to myself, though I'm clutzy enough to have done plenty of other things. ;)