Jun 12, 2008

Tagged by Chiloe

Chiloe tagged me with a Meme I haven't done, so here goes:

Yes, I use it when I wear makeup which is about once every other week.

Yup (same as above)

Day Cream
If this is "moisturizer" then yes, every day. With SPF15.

Favourite Make-up Product-
Don't have one


Mine are real and medium length if I don't break them off doing "stuff" around the house.

Can't stand dry hands. I have lotion in my purse, at home, and at work.

Pedicures are a must, and daily moisturizing otherwise they're like sandpaper.

3 Products to bring on a deserted island
Sunscreen, Moisturizer, Hair Conditioner

Women I admire for their beauty
Beauty is internal.

Women with the best sense of style
None come to mind.

My ultimate dream
To have enough time to get everything done and still enjoy life.

How do I define womanhood
Strength... it's what helps us with family and life.

Favourite fashion publication
Don't have one.

Tag... You're it. I'm not going to tag anyone specifically because I've tagged most of you in the past. LOL