Jun 26, 2008

Random Observations

Sunglasses on

Sunroof up

Windows down

"Get A Haircut" by Thorogood plays on the radio

As I enjoy the morning commute to work... the whole 10 minute drive... what do I spy?

I saw a woman driving her car and BRUSHING her teeth! LOL My first thought was "Does she spit, or swallow?" If she spits, does she open the car door and hack it on to the pavement? Or, does she spit out the window and hopefully some unsuspecting follower doesn't get a mouthful?

Later at lunch, I stop at the PO and a guy parks across the street. He's tall so in no time crosses the street and makes a beeline for the PO. He opens the door and stands back swinging his arm in the grand gesture allowing me to enter first. LOL, don't know the guy, but graciously I said "Thank you!" He actually said, "You're welcome." Gotta love when men open doors for women. :)


Kendra said...

I love it when men act like gentlemen...it's such a rare thing anymore. Normally I'm thankful the dude doesn't slam the door in my face...when they actually stop and open a door for me, I'm floored. :-)

My dad's an old-skool gentleman...he still opens car doors, holds walk-through doors open, allows women to go first, and in a formal dining setting, he doesn't sit down until all the ladies at the table are seated. My grandmother taught him well.

Deirdre said...

I saw a guy with drumsticks one time beating them on his steering wheel as he steered the car with his knees. He was really getting into it. Quite crazy.

I also saw a lady reading a book as she drove on the highway. I quickly got around her.

Lisa said...

Meari, I love reading about the random thoughts/ 'simpler' things...small thrills, lol. Maybe she was dry brushing, but still...who would want to swallow the result of it? As for gentlemen...they are still out there, as long as we act like ladies...(I love stirring controversy). :-)