Jan 26, 2012

I Was Caught!

I'm a big fan of Gail's blog, My Repurposed Life. I've emailed her a time or two with questions I've had, which she graciously answered. Remember my "facelift" from a couple weeks ago?

Well, I was CAUGHT by Gail!

Click on the button,
and scroll about halfway down the list ☺


cucki said...

Such a lovely website..
Thank you for sharing xxx

Kay said...

What am amazing website, thanks for sharing!!!

Elena said...

Very nice website.

Katie said...

LOL Glad you were caught. She couldn't have caught a better blog to blog about!

Faith... said...

Congrats on being "caught" Meari!

That is a great website that I am going to be browsing. Thanks

Berly said...

Awesome! You are getting to be very famous. We're going to have to request your autograph soon!

Akila said...

Congrats on getting "Caught". That's a great blog. Thanks for sharing