Jan 24, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits 1/24/2012

That's right... ME!

Did you think you were done reading about my educational adventures? Guess what came in the mail last week? My diploma!! I was so happy. As my coworker said: "It makes it more real, doesn't it?" It certainly does! Tucked inside the folio, was my transcript and declarations of the degree. Ahhh, life is good!

On Friday, it snowed and snowed and snowed! It snowed all day and by the time Mother Nature was finished, I had about 7-8" of very fluffy white stuff on my driveway. I went out around 5pm to start shoveling and snowblowing. Bless her little teenage heart, my neighbor girl helped me with the shoveling for about an hour or so. I finished the final snowblowing at 7:30pm. I was so cold, I could barely feel my thumbs!

After meals, I accumulate the leftover veggies in plastic container and store them in freezer until there's enough for a pot of soup. Since the cold weather set in, I made vegetable beef barley soup in the crockpot on Friday. What was in the soup, you ask? OK, maybe you didn't ask but I'm going to tell anyway ☺. Broccoli stalks (chopped up), celery, corn, carrots, onion, green beans, potato, and itty-bitty pieces of beef. I added barley toward the end of the cooking time... Yummo. It turned out wonderfully delicious!

See that cute little bowl? It's about the size of a large ramekin. I specifically went treasure hunting for ramekins, but found a 3-piece set of these for $1.49! Not $1.49 each, but for all of them. When I got home, I looked at the bottom and noticed they're from Pier One. New, these bowls would cost $6-7 each. What a deal, eh?

Why was I looking for ramekins? Because I wanted to try my hand at French Onion Soup. It was a bit time consuming to make, but well worth it. Topped with toasted french bread and melted cheese, boy-oh-boy was it tasty!

I'm not a novice cook, however sometimes I think I need a sticker like this. I carmelized the onions for the aforementioned soup in my oven. The pot lid was supposed to be cracked to release the steam, however it must've slid closed when I pushed the rack back in. When I checked the onions the next time, I wasn't thinking. I opened the pan lid and steam rushed out, burning my wrist. I have first degree burns from that lapse in judgement! Ouchie. Note to Self: Do not open hot, steamy pot with wrist in way.

Later as I was cleaning up, I separated the blades of my kitchen shears and put them in the sink to be washed. You *know* where this is going, right? While washing the dishes, I thought I poked myself with the tip of the scissors. Didn't really hurt much so I didn't think anything of it. It wasn't until later in the evening, I noticed I had cut my ring finger on the blade of the scissors! Of course, it's in the right spot that gets the pressure from using the keyboard and calculator! Double ouchie. Can I call in sick at work for this? LOL Second Note to Self: It's probably best not to put the scissors in a sink full of water, especially when the BF *just* sharpened them a couple weeks ago.

More exciting news! Remember my Little Snowman finish from last week? I emailed Loretta at Stitching the Night Away to show her what I did with her chart. She asked if she could put it in her gallery. How awesome is that? You can see it HERE and read what she said. I also found out that my ornament was featured on Craft Gossip, HERE. I am so stoked!

Last week, I received a stitchy surprise in the mail from Sharon at Cross Stitch Obsession. She said she saw it and immediately thought of me... how sweet of her! What was it, you ask? Oh yeah...

Over the weekend, I worked on Blossom Splendor. All the flowers and confetti stitches are complete. I've stitched all the way over to the left side and down to the bottom. All that's left is filling in various areas. I think I have about another week's worth and the stitching part will be complete. Then I have some Krenik and beading to do before I can do the happy dance jiggity-jig.

Other WIP pics can be seen HERE.

This week, I'll be concentrating on JG. So stay tuned for next week's update ☺

Now that my first 2012 finish has reached it's destination in Belgium, I can show the mailart I created for Patricia. The theme was "Stitchers Mailart" so I created this:

Designer: Prairie Schooler Book 115
Fabric: 18ct Hand-dyed Aida
Fibers: DMC
Embellishments: Pearl Snaps

More news about my nephew. The doctor(s) found a 4th broken vertebrae. He will have to be in a back brace for the next 16 weeks, and need a hospital bed for his home recovery. Thankfully, he landed flat on his back from the 20+ foot height, otherwise he may be paralyzed right now. Poor kid. Thanks for all your well wishes last week. They were appreciated.

Until next time,


Chris said...

Happy, Happy Birthday dear!!
Congratulations on getting your diploma. What a great accomplishment.
I hope that your nephew continues to improve daily :)

Bette said...

What a wonderful gift from Sharon. Those charts are very hard to find. You are a lucky lady.
Congrats on getting your diploma.That's a wonderful accomplishment!

cucki said...

Happy birthday dear..
Congratulations on getting your diploma..
Beautiful stitching..and very sweet gift..
Have a fun day dear xxx

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Happy Birthday!

Congratulations again on your graduation.... isn't it wonderful to get those diplomas in your hands... makes it all seem more real.

Patches said...

Lovely work. Happy birthday

Berly said...

Wow!! You are dangerous!! The soup looks really good though. And of course your stitching is amazing as always!

Kay said...

Happy Birthday!!! Congrats on getting the awesome mention concerning your ornament. Your work is beautiful. Congrats again on your graduation!

Debbie Jo said...

Happy Birthday to you Meari!!! Hope your day is all you want it to be and more. Congrats on getting the diploma and the transcript. I know that is such a feeling of accomplishment. Your stitching is beautiful and cannot wait to see what you start next. Hope your wrist and finger get well really soon..take are.

dixiesamplar said...

Goodness, where to start?? Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY of course!!! Hope it is the best one ever...

CONGRATS on your diploma...what an accomplishment!!

Love the stitching pieces, very lovely indeed. The mailart...WOW!

And last but not least, my thoughts and prayers are with your nephew and the entire family as they deal with his injuries...so sad that it happened, but glad to hear it was not a worse situation.

Carol said...

♫♪♫ Happy Birthday, dear Meari ♫♪♫

I hope your day is as special as you are--it is always a pleasure to stop in and visit you each week...

I'm sure your diploma will have a place of honor in your home--you worked so hard for it and did so well... I just love your mail art creation for Patricia--so well done...

Hope you've got the kitchen accidents out of the way for the year now :) Take care and enjoy your special day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!
Congrats on getting your diploma!

You do a wonderful job on your projects, you are so talented. :)

Hope you heal quickly from the burn & cut. And I pray for your nephew & family a full recovery.

connie said...

Happy Birthday Meari..Hope you have an extra special day today..And congratulations on your diploma..this has to be a very happy time in your life..The mail art you stitched is lovely..

Julie M said...

Wow!! So much to comment on Meari!

First...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a fabulous day! Mine was yesterday.

We didn't get much snow but I had heard that your part of the country got it good. Sorry, but I am glad it wasn't us!! :)

Great buy on the Ramekins! I've made French Onion Soup before and it is very time consuming but certainly yummy! Ouch on the burn and cut. Sounds like something I'd do!

Glad you have gotten some accolades on your ornie! He's a cutie for sure.

Love the mail art and the chart you were gifted with.

Wishing your nephew a fast recovery. Poor kid.

Faith... said...

The mailart is gorgeous! Congrats on such a fantastic job.

Hope your injuries heal soon…the wrist sounds pretty bad.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I truly hope your day is as special as you are!

OctoberLace said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you heal quickly, too. Theresa

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ! Hope that your day is a wonderful one. That is so great about your stitching being in Craft Gossip ! How wonderful to get that diploma ! hugs..Linda J.

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a very special day.

Sorry to hear about your wrist burn and finger cut. May you heal quickly.

You have a wonderful blog and I have joined as a follower.

Sandyc in NJ

Ranae said...

Happy Birthday!!! Meari

Bridgette Friedman said...

Happy Birthday to you! Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!
Hoping your injuries heal quickly…burns are awful painful
Congrats on your pretty ornaments fame, it is well deserved.
Beautiful mail art I was just looking at this pattern and added it to my wish list. Love PS
Bridgette ~ stitchsavelive.blogspot.com

chrisstitches said...

Happy Birthday!
Congrats on the diploma coming.
Yeah...pots are hot....that steam...done that.
Love the Cherry Splendor.
Blossom Splendor...is looking awesome as my son would say.

Mouse said...

happpyyy birthday ... hope the stash fairy is good to you ... love the stitched ornament and ouchie re the steam and the scissors ... you need a warning on you ..lol .... and coooo nice give re the cherry splendor ... sorry not to have said anything re your nephew before some how I missed about him ... hopefully he will bounce back quick ... being young .... love mouse xxxx

Anonymous said...

The steam can catch one unaware, hope it heals quickly.

Congratulations on your degree! Well done and I am happy for you.

Happy Birthday also!!!! Are you doing anything special for your day? Enjoy yourself and I hope great things come your way.


Denise SA said...

Happy Birthday congratulations on receiving your diploma and on being honoured for your stitching. Must be nice to be nearly finishing Blossom. Hope your nephew recovers well.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your year is filled with lots of x's. Congrats on the diploma! You are officially smart like we've all known all along. Good find on the little bowls. Ouch on the ouchies. Congrats on the ornament compliments. You deserve them! Good luck on finishing so you can enjoy the happy dance. Whew that's a lot to comment on haha.

Katrien said...

Happy Birthday!!
ouchouch! I hope your burn and cut heals quickly.
the mail-art is beautiful.

Irene said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...


Congrats on being featured on Craft Gossip!! I saw your ornament on there last night. And most importantly Congratulations on your diploma!!!

Nikki D

Elena said...

Congrats, I saw your Little Snowman on Stitching the Night Away! And Very Big Congrats on your diploma!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your graduation Meari!!! I know how wonderful you must feel having that behind you now!! Yey!! Also, congrats on your little snowman!! :o) Sorry to hear about your nephew. I do hope he heals up as good as new. Love what you did with the light fixture!! It looks awesome!!! And congrats on your new stove! Woohoo!!! :o)

Happy Trails,
Pam K. :o)

valerie said...

Happy Birthday Meari! Sorry to hear about the kitchen accidents you had. That is exactly why I stay away from the kitchen! lol Congrats on your diploma!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Meari. Congratulations on getting you diploma. Hope your burns heal real quick, and sorry to hear about further injuries on your nephew.


Vicky L said...

Happy Birthday Meari! I hoped you had a great day! Congrats being featured in 2 websites. Sorry about the burn and cut. The mailart is beautiful. Are you really going wait whole week to finish Blossom? I can't wait to see it finish.

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Meari!! Are you putting aloe on that burn of yours? Right from the plant works the best. Love all your stitching. Especially the mailart. I want to learn how to do that. Gee now that you have graduated, maybe you could run a class on that with the group??? Maybe??? Love your snowman ornament as was pleased for you when I saw it on Craft Gossip. Stay warm and out of that snow as much as possible.

Carol R said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations on your Diploma Meari! I've emailed you a little something - enjoy!

Anonymous said...

ouch Meari! Congrats on finishing your degree, and all the best for a happy birthday!

Kathy N in southern Alberta

Nancy M said...

Speaking of cooking allrecipes is my favorite phone app!!LOL Just tried a burgundy pork recipe and was delish! Congrats on being featured on the web too! I know a finish is just around the corner with JS, she'll look great with the beads and details!!!! Can your nephew go to school or is the brace keeping him homebound.

Kelly Smith said...

Happy (belated) Birthday and congratulations on your diploma!
Js looks fab!

Laurita Hall said...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy MeArI!!!!
your mail art is so pretty!
your soup looks delicious!
Congrats on you famous ornie and for having your diploma in your hands!!!
I´m happy your nephew is getting better!


Anonymous said...

Meari, I hope your birthday brings you the happiness you so richly deserve!

Love in Stitches,
Nancy in IL, USA

Anonymous said...

congratulations on receiving your diploma!!! I know you've worked hard and long for it!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Meari! Congrats on the new stove - you definitely needed to replace the one you had. :)

Karin in CA

Akila said...

A very happy (very belated too) birthday to you Meari. Hope you had a great day.
The mail art looks lovely. Lovely gift. You could pair it up with blossom splendor :)

Mary said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

I am so behind in my blog reading. Thank goodness for Google Reader so I can catch up when I get a chance.

Congrats on your diploma. Yay!

Your stitching came out great!!!

I will keep your nephew in my prayers. I hope he will heal quickly.