Nov 26, 2012

Marvelous Monday Update 11/26/12

It's a marvelous Monday, isn't it?  Or is it?  I think so... for many reasons.

I spent 3 days (about 5-6 hours total) making a creamy carmel pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner.

My sister sent out text messages that Thanksgiving was at 2pm.  The BF and I drove an hour and a half to her house.  We arrived at about 1:40pm to find that everyone was practically done eating, and my brother scrambled to help find us clean plates and silverware.  Needless to say, I thought it was very rude!  Originally the time was set at noon and then changed to 2pm.  They all have cell phones (nieces and nephews included) and *someone* could've called to say we were eating early.  On an up note, the pie was really good!  The recipe can be found HERE.

I didn't get much stitching done last week. That's what happens when I get the "cleaning bug"... no stitching.  Boo, that's no fun.  I did start an ornament for the third ornament exchange I joined this year.  Crazy, I know!  I'm hoping to finish it this week.

I received word that the second ornament arrived at it's new home in Belgium.  Angela is pleased with it and says it's a "jewel" on her tree.  Glad she likes it!


Stay tuned for next week... I have some good news!

Until next time,


Vickie said...

Hooray for good news!
I would have to agree with you on the rudeness Meari. Especially with you two making such a drive. :(

ChrisG said...

So sorry about the way you were treated by your own sister. Seems like someone would have missed you and given you a call. I gave up on my family years ago and now spend time with my husband's people....still strange but not so painful, LOL.

Melinda said...

It most certainly is a Jewel..

Your pie looks great, I would have been quite upset if I arrived "late" for dinner.

Love Surprises

Anne Sans Tete -- Nome de plume! said...

Cute star! I like the blues.

Definitely a call to see if you were on your way was in order. Glad you got to eat anyway!

- Lisa N.

EvalinaMaria said...

Darn, what an unpleasant surprise. The pie looks delicious and stitching is lovely, as always.

ps. I'm a robot, I dislike to prove that I'm not.

rosey175 said...

I would've turned around and drove right back home with pie! :)

I love the colors in the star ornament! I'm sure the new owner will love it forever.

Anonymous said...

I do love those star ornaments, Meari! I do agree that it was rude of your family not to update you on the gathering time. Didn't they notice you weren't there? My stepbrother was late to ours (he usually is, LOL) but we waited for him. :)


cucki said...

Yummy pie :)
And super cute ornament ..
Hugs for you xxx

mab3500 said...

Family is so much fun during the holidays. I do love that star orine!

Anonymous said...

Pie looks good. Hope you at least got something to eat besides pie.


Katie said...

No fair teasing about the good news. But I guess I can wait for good news and not bad news. Your pie looks yummy indeed. Sorry about the time issue that is extremely rude and you are exactly right in today's age a phone call would be easy to make.

Your ornament is gorgeous.

Emily in NC said...

Your ornament is just stunning. Sorry to hear about the Thanksgiving snafu.

Anne said...

Oh that's terrible about not letting you know about the dinner starting earlier. Hmm...I think people don't have an excuse anymore now with cellphones and texting!!

That pie is amazing...I wish I could eat some of it now!!

Gorgeous little Jewel you made for Angela. It is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Very rude of your family Meari.
I really would like to know how you made those star ornaments.


geeky Heather said...

That pie looks amazing!!! That was incredibly rude to not tell you about the time change, not call to see if you were OK when you weren't there (even if they'd forgotten to tell you), and not have a place set for you!! Craziness. That ornament is beautiful!

Faith... said...

Love the ornament, great stitching as always :)

The ingredients are definitely going on my next grocery list. Thanks for sharing the link!

Anonymous said...

Love the ornament. Sorry about your Thanksgiving.

Betty in AZ

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your Thanksgiving.

Your pie looks delicious and your ornament is beautiful.


Pam in IL said...

You can bring your cleaning bug over here anytime.

Love the star ornie and the pie looks so scrumptious!

I agree with you that it was rude of your sister to change the time and then start eating without you. Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving with your family anyway.

Unknown said...

Your sister was incredibly rude for not telling you, and even more so for not calling to see why you weren't there. Like somebody else said, they could have at least set a place for you. I would have taken my pie right back out to the car.
Your snowflake ornie is really cute.


Denise SA said...

I love the blue ornament sorry about the rudeness but you can not choose family only friends

Chris said...

I would have been really upset about Thanksgiving. That is really rude. Your pie looks amazing and that ornament is great.

Anonymous said...


Awww..They could have called knowing you were coming and wondering if you were all right...sorry to hear this...

On the other hand you got to spend it with your BF and you made a delicious pie and you can't go wrong there.

Your ornament for the exchange is very pretty and you did a beautiful stitching job.

have a wonderful rest of the week!

Akila said...

That's too bad, totally agree, somebody could have atleast texted. Your pie looks divine and light. How long did you have to beat the fresh cream?
Very pretty ornament, sure is a jewel.
Can't wait to hear the news, hope the week zips by

Mary Ann said...

Oh, that pie looks so good! And, the ornament is beautiful!!

Nancy M said...

With everyone having cell phones, no excuse at all for not calling OR texting the time change. I would have made my feelings known for quite awhile! Another cute star ornament. And does the good news have to do with the BF????? :-)

Anonymous said...

Meari, I am giving that pie recipe to Sherri! She will love it and so will her family. I am sorry your dinner did not turn out as nice as it should have; but we discussed this and being the lady that you are; you handled it very well!

Now, you can settle in to a clean house and stitch! LOL I always feel better stitching when my house has been straightened and cleaned!


htimcj said...

Your pie looks great! I would be really annoyed with my family for not tell me when dinner was!
Your ornament looks great!

Jo said...

beautiful ornament x

mbroider said...

The star ornament is very good, the finish adds to the design!

Sorry about the family bit...

Anonymous said...

Meari, i like your solution to the framing turned out beautiful!!!


Anonymous said...

Meari -
Your pie looks delicious! Yes, your family should have called you, and told you of the time change.


Kay said...

Sorry to hear that Thanksgiving was a bit upsetting like it was. Hopefully something like that does not happen again. I love the ornament!

glenda said...

The pie looks yummy!

Family is sooo wonderful...pfft.

Love the star orni..pretty blues :)