Nov 14, 2012

Very Interesting!!

The blogging prompt for hop #11 is:

What has been your most unusual or most interesting stash acquisition to date?
Maybe you picked up a mystery package during a sale and found something cool inside. Maybe you shopped an estate sale or received a stash-inheritance full of vintage fiber goodness. Maybe you found a fantastic shop on Etsy with amazing supplies (in which case, please tell us where to go shop!)

Once upon a time, there was an avid stitcher who was always on the look out for stash acquisitions. Yard sales, thrift shops, eBay, stores going out of business… She looked high and low for fun S.E.X.

One day, there was a listing on a Freecycle group for cross stitch stuff! Excitedly, the stitcher responded to the offer via email. Shortly thereafter, an email arrived with the address where it could be picked up, along with a note that there were two boxes that would be sitting on the porch. Not knowing exactly what was being offered… and didn’t care… (after all, it was cross stitch!) the stitcher happily drove to pick up the goodies.

The stitcher arrived to find two boxes on the porch as promised. Two B-I-G boxes. They were 24x24” in size… chock full of cross stitch and needlepoint supplies, but mostly cross stitch. Needles, pins, fabric, charts, stretcher bars, hoops, kits. Oh My!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen… I was that stitcher, and that was one of the most fun and interesting stash acquisitions I’ve encountered.  Did I mention it was free?!?

Until next time,

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SoCal Debbie said...

Oh, you're so lucky, Meari! What a wonderful story! I once bought a brand new big wicker sewing box full of cross stitch stuff on Craigslist. It had fabric, floss, and charts inside. Not free, but I didn't mind paying $20!

cucki said...

Yup you truly so lucky dear friend..great story xxx

Denise SA said...

That sounds a great way to expand you stash.

Julie M said...

Sounds Awesome Meari! Mine was probably the mass quantities of DMC I bought for $10.00 when our local HY-VEE grocery store quit selling it. I've given a lot of it away but still have more than I will ever use of some colors!

Anonymous said...

Great stashing!!!!
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Loretta said...

WOW! I never had any luck with our local freecycle group so I unsubscribed and don't even look at it anymore. To find such an awesome stash haul on freecycle is amazing!

Akila said...

WOW, can imagine your glee on receiving such a package, and that too free.