Nov 19, 2012

The BIG Reveal

Last week I mentioned I finished the stitching on Fleurs et Papillons.  I had a terrible time finding the right size frame to refurbish.  Terrible, I tell you!  Finally, I found a really H-U-G-E one at a thrift store for $8.

As you can see, it's taller than my fireplace.  Paris, anyone?

I set to work and dismantled the entire thing. I cut the pieces to the size I needed and put it back together.  This was the first time I've attempted to resize a frame.  Here's the result:

Fleurs et Papillons
Designer: Angie SB of Argentina
Fabric: 25ct Ivory Sal-Em
Fibers: DMC
Started: Mar 2012 ~ Finished: Nov 2012

I received word that one of the ornaments I made for exchanges has arrived to it's new home with Laney in Ireland.  I started with these ten little squares....

As you can see, they're smaller than a quarter!  Here's what I turned them into... a teeney-tiny ornament:

Star Ornament
Fabric: 28ct Antique White Monoco
Fibers: Unknown Cotton
Embellishments: Snowflake Buttons, Handmade Cording
Stitched one-over-one
Here's what Lany sent to me.  Isn't it beautiful?
Christmas Dove
Designer: Janet Designs
I have a new start! A big finish calls for a new start, right?  Right.  I started The Eight Immortals a few days ago.  It's being stitched on a piece of 30x36" 16ct aida.

I also worked a bit on Samplers aux Bouquets. I'm about 2/3 done with part II.

For my stitchy friends in the U.S., I'll leave you with this bit of humor:

Happy Thanksgiving!



Sari said...

You are so talented! The ready piece of Fleur et Papillons looks absolutely amazing, love the design.
The ornaments are really pretty in their simplicity and the Bouquet sampler, wow!
Greetings from rainy Finland, Sari

Mary Ann said...

I am very impressed that you re-sized a frame--a beautifully framed piece!!

So much lovely stitching happening--I love the star ornament!

cucki said...

Wow very sweet ornament and beautiful wips..
Sending you lots of love and hugs xxx

Ruth said...

You did a fantastic jobon Fleors t Papilons and the framing is great.
It is awesome. The others are lovely too. Have a great stitchy day. Ruthie

Berly said...

Fleurs is absolutely stunning - great job! The ornaments are beautiful. And the cartoon is TOO funny!

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Wow, great job on the frame. Your stitched piece looks great. Love all the other WIPs

Tricia T said...

Gorgeous frame, Meari! And isn't that cartoon TOO true!!!! Thanks for the smile!

Faith... said...

Meari - everything is beautiful as always! Love the frame; I would have NEVER thought of resizing a frame and wouldn't know where to begin. The ornaments from the exchange are gorgeous.

For Sale Or Trade dannmurray said...

As always your talent really shines through Meari. I would have no idea how to re-size a frame. Wow! Your stitching is beautiful! Love the finishes, the ornaments and the new start.

Emily in NC said...

Fantastic job with the frame, you amaze me sometimes. The star ornament is very fancy as well.

Christina G said...

Excellent job on the framing and the stitching. Congrats on a lovely exchange.

Sunshine said...

Way to Go resizing the frame!!! It looks Great!!! I plan to attempt re-using a door facing for my BAP.

Sue said...

Meari, your finish is gorgeous; love the colors! Can't wait to see more on your Eight Immortals; and I love the teeny ornies you are making! Your gift from Laney was so pretty!

Your Jardin Prive is coming along great! What size fabric are you using?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Katie said...

Okay your awesomeness really amazes me. You gotta stop being so cool. The frame looks perfect as they always do.

I LOVE the star ornament. Where was the pattern found for that one?

Your two WIPs look fantastic.

I LOVE the cartoon!

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog today. I thought I was pretty handy but you've got me beat. Beautiful frame. Wish I could find one that size. Been looking for a long time.

Judith Truly in OH

Vickie said...

Wow! Amazing. I am quite sure I could NOT pull off the frame resizing. Hooray for you and the finished piece!!
Oh, that ornament turned out great. Very nice exchange.

Patty said...

You are so freaking talented!! Wow - love what you did with that frame!! Great stitching as always - love that ornie - sooo cute! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

Your framed piece is lovely Meari, and love the little ornament, your finishing is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Hugs, Shirley in KY

CatsnCorgis said...

Meari...gorgeous as always. Wonderful idea re the frame, your talent is so very multi- faceted. The star armament is amazing. Sally

Anonymous said...

Hi Meari

Your stitching looks great. I love your Ornaments. I have the Eight Immortals Pattern but I haven't started that yet...does that count that I have it? lol.

Happy Stitching
Linda K, Railroad

Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job cutting and putting the frame back together. The Fleurs et Papillons look gorgeous in the new frame.

What an adorable ornament. How did you put it all together?

Lany did a great job on her ornament for you.

I can't wait to see more on your Eight Immortals..You have a good start.

I love those colors on the Samplers Aux Bouquets. I wonder what frame you will find?

LOL...I agree with the Turkey...

Akila said...

You are totally amazing Meari, an all-rounder. Fleurs looks awesome and you have done a great job with the framing.
Love your ornament. How did you assemble them all together?
I googled and found the eight immortals. It is a huuge one!! Great progress already :)

SoCal Debbie said...

What a fantastic update! Your new framing job is fantastic. Such a nice ornament you sent and what a great start on The Eight Immortals! Beautiful stitching!

Anonymous said...

Meari your Fleurs et Papillons is absolutely exquisite all framed - and how befitting - in a frame originally holding a poster from Paris!

Thank you for sharing the deatails on your star ornament - the original photo surely does not do it full justice - love the dove ornie as well.

Now I am awaiting your next masterpiece finish - the WIP's look great!


htimcj said...

I love the finishes! The frame is wonderful!

Ranae said...

I love what you did with the frame
Now that's talent
Super gorgeous piece

geeky Heather said...

The star ornament is so cute!! And I love the comic...I think I should print it out and show it around at the local retailers...or maybe print it on a T-shirt and wear it!!

Your framing is amazing. How did you cut the frame down? Do you have special framing tools? It looks great!

Anonymous said...

You are nothing short of amazing - it would never have occurred to me to try to break down a frame like that, much less that it would turn out so beautifully. And those little stitchy pieces into the ornament? Wow. You're an awesome lady.

Anonymous said...


Your work is beautiful. Congratulations on successfully down-sizing that frame. It works perfectly and now you have another skill!

I looked at the "8 Immortals" on 123Stitch. Wow! You certainly are ambitious. I can't wait to see the progress.

I enjoy each of your weekly blogs (I loved the small chest but hated to see that you nearly hid it next to your chair.)

Deborah in Central Indiana

Joy said...

Go Meari!! You did a fab job!! Congrats on the finish and the framing! Your star ornie is just adorable. Goodluck with your new start...the size scares me! LOL

Anonymous said...

always enjoy your blog, loved the resizing of the frame, turned out beautiful! Those are the best frames when you get them for that price


Pam in IL said...

Got to play with a mitre saw for that frame? You did a wonderful job on it and Fleurs looks fabulous all framed up.

Your teenie-tiny star ornament reminds me of a Christmas cookie! It's so cute and the ornie you got in the exchange is precious.

I can't even call your new start big -- it's HUGE!

Anonymous said...

Oooh Meari! Fleurs et Papillons looks fabulous!!!!! Congratulations on getting it framed so nicely!! You did a great job resizing that frame! Love your ornament!! That looks complicated! And you got a lovely one in exchange!! Your new start looks really good too! That's going to be huge!!!!!

Happy Trails,
Pam K. :o)

*-* said...

Meari, you are so talented!
The framed piece is stunning! What a great find.
The ornaments are very sweet & I
also love your ornament from Laney. I do love to do ornament exchanges.
The Samplers aux Bouquets looks beautiful.

Parsley said...

Brilliant use of the frame! Great stitchy fun you've shared today.

Anonymous said...

Oh Meari

Your Fleurs et Papillons looks gorgeous framed and I really like your colors there too, Wonderful work.

Your star ornament is beautiful too. Im not sure, if I have seen those before, wonderful idea.

Your Wips are coming so nice too


Vicky L said...

Fleurs et Papillons is gorgeous. The frame looks great.
I love the star ornament. It's breath-taking.Great start on The Eight Immortals. I will be looking forward seeing this piece stitch.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

I'm quite impressed by your framing job. The finished piece is stunning. Love the little ornie you did, and your new WIP!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meari,

You did a great job with the frame!

Tobie in So. Cal.

DUSTY said...

WOW, the frame looks wonderful. great job !! Your color changes are lovely. Congrats on the finish !!

Anonymous said...

Fleurs looks lovely, Meari! Great job on the framing. I love the star ornament you made.

Karin in CA

Anonymous said...

You did a great job with the frame and your finish is beautiful. Love the ornaments.


Unknown said...

Fleurs is so beautiful. Looking forward to your Eight Immortals Updates

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

beautiful stitching. I love how you made your own frame. such a pretty little ornament too :D

Kay said...

Such a busy lady you are. Very beautiful work! Happy Thanksgiving!

Mouse said...

coooooo ... I am sooo impressed with the resizing of that gorgeous frame ... just perfect for your lovely finish :) and that over one ornament you sent to lainey is beautiful too ...
well done on the sampler aux bouquets love that one too ... nice new start too :)
and love your cartoon too heheheh
take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxx

Chris said...

Wow Meari! You did an amazing job resizing that frame. I wouldn't even atempt this. I am in awe.
I love the start ornaments. So pretty. The rest of your stitching is too.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty stitching. How in the world did you make all those tiny ones into a star - it is really neat.

Dottie K

Anonymous said...

Love the colours for flowers and butterflies. Good choice for the frame too.


Denise SA said...

The frame turned out great. Wonderful stitching as usual

rosey175 said...

Such an amazing job resizing the frame! It's perfect for the piece!!

Love the little star biscornu ornament!

I have to agree with your humor sentiment... One holiday at a time, if you please!

Anne Sans Tete said...

Oh, Meari, you're such a show off! LOL You could probably take dirt & turn it into Thanksgiving dinner!

The frame looks fabulous & the cartoon at the end is great! I think it's really sad that people can now Black Friday shop on Thanksgiving.

- Lisa N.

Carol said...

So much stitchy goodness in this post, Meari!! I am amazed at the frame resizing--it looks like you had it made specifically for that piece!

I hope your Thanksgiving is very special--enjoy your day :)

Claudette497 said...

What a stunning finish, both the stitching and the framing! Your work is a joy to behold!

Anonymous said...

Great job with the re-sizing of the frame. Your framed piece is gorgeous!!! Your mini ornaments are beautiful. Your WIP's look great too. Keep up the great stitching.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Lynette said...

You did a great job with the frame, Meari(you are so talented - I wouldn't know where to start!) and Fleurs et Papillons looks great in it.
Love your little ornament!

Shelleen said...

What a beautiful frame and you are so brave to cut it to be the size that you needed. Love the cartoon and it is so true. So sick of Christmas things out before Thanksgiving even gets here and the stores should be closed and not have Christmas sales til Black Friday. Oh well off my soapbox lol

Nancy M said...

Your frame looks great. Do you have some type of framing miter? Your stitched piece looks great in it. I'm sure it looks perfect hanging in your house. Cute and unusual ornie for the exchange too!You have lots going on in stitching.

EvalinaMaria said...

You are amazing, the frame looks fabulous!

Anne said...

Wow!!! Meari you are one amazing DIY gal!!! That frame is perfect and cost you pennies to make! You are brilliant!!!! LOOVE that wee teeny tiny ornie you made!! Laney's ornie is pretty too!!Great new start and progress on your Samplers aux bouquet!!

glenda said...

Holy cow..I love that candy cane work of art! Your new start looks very interesting. I will enjoy watching this one come together. Can't tell you how much I love that cartoon!