Dec 14, 2006

What A Nice RAK Surprise

I was overwhelmed at the kindness extended by Lisa S. In the mail today, I received a nice package of goodies. There was the Dec issue of Outdoor Photographer, which now that finals is over I can finally sit down and read. There was also a set of DMC Linen floss that I have had on my wish list for a very, very long time. As if those weren't enough, she also send me a little stitchy gift filled with candy. It was a little basket stitched over-one. Just having finished my first over-one project, I know how stressful/tedious/overwhelming (you pick, LOL) they can be. I so appreciate this little stitchy gift! There were two kinds of candy -- Baskin Robbins vanilla hard candies, and Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Is it wrong to covet chocolate?

Here's a close-up of the basket:

Lisa, thank you for your thoughtfulness. It really made my day!


Lisa said...

Lisa did a good job on that basket. Now I can visually see how big it is, I see it would be good for little gifts year round. I'm sure I've seen that somewhere in my stash.

Jenna said...

Very nicely done by Lisa! Congrats on a lovely mail day. :)