Dec 10, 2006

Winnie The Pooh Bookmark

I finished a project I started earlier this year: a Winnie the Pooh boomark. The kit came with vinyl weave to stitch on. After stitching with it a few hours, I scrapped that idea and started it over on aida. It looks much nicer and the fractional stitches were much easier to stitch. This counts as #8 toward my Project Challenge.

Projects Completed so far:
1. Therapy Bookmark
2. Cardinal Snowflake Ornament
3. Freedom
4. Yummy Gingerbread Man Ornament
5. Santa Ornament
6. Gingerbread House Ornament
7. Ascot Albert Ornament


Jenna said...

Very cute, Meari! I stitched this bookmark on the vinylweave and yes, the fractionals were really tough to do. Good idea to do it on aida. :)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

I'm with you that vinyl stuff is not fun to stitch on. This finish came out great congrats. Happy Holidays, CJ

valda said...

That bookmark is so cute! Great finish!

Anonymous said...

That's adorable!

Mary Ann said...

Such a cute, cheery bookmark!!

Anonymous said...

It turned out so very cute. Great finish!
Barb in TX

Emily said...

I love this bookmark - the bee and pooh are so cute!!!