Dec 9, 2006

Gift Of All Gifts

Imagine this...

It's Christmas. Everyone is gathered around the tree, anticipation of opening gifts is at it's all time high. Each person is taking turns opening their present. It's your turn. You open a big flat package to find a wall hanging... a lovely piece of artwork. You turn to your loving sweetheart to thank him (or her). With a big grin, your sweetheart proudly announces it's Fluffy. Yes, that's right. Your insane beloved took the cremated remains of Fluffy, who died 6 months ago, to an artist who promptly created a work of art for evermore!

Now... I did not make this up. On the news today, they had a story about an "artist" who actually does this. Ewwww! (I wonder if the artist would do this with Aunt Susie's remains? I can't believe I said wrote that.)


stitcherw said...

Ewwww is right, this would not be something I'd want.

AnneS said...

OK, call me insane, but my mind is boggling - I wanna see piccies! ;P

Anonymous said...

They had that story on our news too. The picture they showed was an abstract design and not even very good. If they're gonna do this, you'd think they would at least do something nice looking.
Barb in TX