Dec 9, 2006

Christmas Angels

This year the chiropractor's office sponsored a Christmas Angel tree coordinated by the Salvation Army. The tree was covered in tags with children's names and items needed/wanted for Christmas. People can then choose a tag and buy a gift for the child. I am really in the Christmas spirit this year, so I asked if I could take two tags.

One toddler's mother put on the tag that she really needed clothes. How much fun are clothes when you're 1½ years old? Not very! So she will be getting Superstar Care Bear, plus a cute little outfit. Care Bears was on the tag, too. The other tag was for a 7yr old girl who wanted makeup, so I got her the "Deluxe" makeup kit, complete with glittery lip gloss and nail stickers in addition to the usual blush and eye shadows. Mmmm... Yeah, if I was 7 I'd like it!


AnneS said...

What wonderful gifts you've chosen - I love that idea of having tags for needy children ... it fills my heart with joy :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the kids (and the mom!) will be thrilled - great choices!