Dec 7, 2006

Ornament Luncheon 2006

Today I attended an ornament luncheon coordinated by a female employee at one of our other offices. Last year, Santa visited us. This year, no Santa. (We must've been bad!) We had a nice catered meal, played a few games of bingo. I didn't win, but the ladies who did received some nice prizes. Part of the celebration is the bring a wrapped ornament valued at $10. We took turns picking an "ornament" and then opening it so everyone could see what we got. This year I got these ----->


Anonymous said...

LOL about being bad. Guess you guys will just have to better this year. ;) Sounds like a fun time. And that's a very pretty ornament you got.

Sharon said...

That ornamnt is very cute-nice theme for a luncheon.

AnneS said...

Great ornies - they're really unusual, I love them :)