Feb 5, 2006

GENTLEMEN! Start Your Engines!!!

Ladies & Gentlemen, Children of all ages... Welcome to the Thunder Nationals Monster Truck competition!! It’s an hour and a half of eardrum vibrating... fuel inhaling... testosterone pumping… 10,000 lb. monster truck action! Sat night, I celebrated my nephew’s 10th birthday by taking him to the Thunder Nationals Monster Truck competition. It’s an annual tradition now, since I’ve taken him for the past 5 years for his birthday. Fans had the pleasure of witnessing Brutus losing control and flipping over, crushing the roof and body of the monster truck favorite! After the show, there was the ritual of standing in line and getting autographs of the drivers. As if that weren’t enough… One of the drivers had a new sponsor: Mt Dew... and was handing out free bottles of Mt Dew MDX. For those of you who aren’t familiar – it’s one of those drinks that contain enough caffeine to wire you up enough to want to run laps around the stadium yourself! I told my nephew he best not drink that until the next day. (Let his parents deal with him bouncing off the walls) LOL!