Feb 19, 2006

Have I Created A Monster?

My sister says I’ve created a stash monster. Who? Me? My niece spent another weekend with me and boy did we have fun on Sat! We spent the entire day shopping. I was *such* an enabler! We started out at the LNS – My niece had never been to one before. She made lots of comments such as “Oh, look at this!” “This is cool!” “Is that blue part stitched, too?” She was asking all sorts of questions as to what things were and trying on magnifying glasses until she found a pair she could see out of. LOL She even asked the clerk if they had any “easy sports kits or charts”. She found one that was right up her alley – A leaflet with lots of basketball motifs.

Then we were off to Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, and Hobby Lobby. The whole time, my niece was planning her sampler basketball project in her head -- what was going to go where and what color changes she wanted to make. She is going to give it to her coach as a present. She even thought about how she was going to frame it – a frame from the thrift store decorated with 3D basketball stickers.

I asked her how she wanted to store her floss – on bobbins like mine, or in baggies (and showed her the floss baggies). Guess what she opted for? The baggies!! She thought it was cool how they fit on the little rings and flipped around. When it was all said and done, she had her own little stash bag (A suede and leather cow spotted bag, which she thinks is the coolest thing), a hoop, floss bags, chart, needle threaders, scissors, highlighter, sleeve protector for her chart, and needles.

When we got home she and I went through my stash of extra floss and matched up colors she needed. She labeled all the baggies and put her floss in them. I helped her get started on stitching – taught her the “loop” method, how to end off, and running the floss under the stitches on the back to keep it neat. She also had her first frogging experience which she was not happy about. She was very proud of the progress she made!
My sister’s little stash monster…. LOL