Feb 2, 2006

Happy Ground Hog Day!!

I am soooooooooooooo glad that January is over! It was such a stressful month at work. In the 8 years I’ve been with the firm, this one was the worst!

Hmmm... What’s new with me? LOL, let me tell you how my day started out. I got up early to throw together a recipe for the crockpot. What was the recipe, you ask? Chicken Livers. (Do I hear ‘ewwwww’? LOL) I got them out of the freezer the other day and put them in the refrigerator to thaw out. I went to the store last night to get the two ingredients I needed that I didn’t have. Which brings me back to this morning. I washed the crock and started frying the bacon that was to go with the livers. I get the “liver” out of the refrigerator for prep and I find out it is NOT liver! It is rhubarb. Now, I did wonder why the liver was a bit off color as it sat in the refrigerator thawing, but attributed it to being a bit freezer burnt.

OK, so I’m not making Crockpot Chicken Livers anymore. I think to myself, “Well, I can cook the bacon and make some scrambled eggs – for breakfast.” While I am checking a couple emails, I end up BURNING the bacon! The entire kitchen was hazy. So much for breakfast! 2 and 0. I put the bacon on the back porch so it stops smoking up the house, turned on the exhaust fan above the stove, and went to take my shower before going to the dentist, whom I hadn't seen in a year.

LOL, are you thinking to yourself... “Uh-Oh”? I’m surprised I didn’t get chewed out for not making my last dental visit since my dentist likes to see his patients every 6 months. X-rays, Cleaning, Check-up. No cavities. All right!! Take good care of your teeth and they’ll last a lifetime! Think I got off easy? Nope. I have some abrasions/ulcers on my upper right gums. I noticed soreness earlier this week but attributed it to burning my mouth with soup I had. The dentist told me the medical term for it, but I don’t remember. I asked him to explain it to me and tell me what caused it. Well, well, well... He said one of the causes is stress! Me under stress???? Heck, I just finished a January from hell. What stress?!? He prescribed a cream and if it’s not better in 3 weeks, he wants to see me. So it’s off to the pharmacy for me.

When my SO called to talk to me this morning, he fell silent after I regaled him with my tales of woe. He paused determining whether or not to laugh and take the chance that it may ignite the fury of my irritation he dared think it funny. Sensing his dilemma, I laughed and announced it was indeed amusing. Sighing with relief, he laughed with me.

Great way to celebrate Ground Hog Day, don’t you think? My favorite sister (She’s my ONLY sister… so of course she’s my favorite!) and I were having a discussion about this whole hulla-bul-lu about the ground hog in Pennsylvania seeing his shadow. My pondering was this: The whole city makes a big deal about Phil seeing his shadow. They all get up early... Some even dress in top hats and tails... they wake Phil up early (He's a rodent for goodness sake!)... like he really wants to leave his warm comfy bed for this? and then they wait with anticipation in cold weather to confirm if he indeed sees that dark silhouette of himself indicating 6 more weeks of winter. It’s such a production with bright lights shining upon the place he calls home. Bright Lights! Of course he’s gonna SEE his shadow!! My sister’s pondering was this: Ground Hog Day is on Feb 2. Spring is Mar 20. How many weeks is that?? 6!! I think those people in Pennsylvania have too much time on their hands. LOL!

For those of you who believe in Phil, believe in what he stands for, and agree it’s the right thing to rouse a poor furry creature from hibernation... Happy Ground Hog Day! I hope I don't wake up tomorrow and today repeats itself all over again (Like in the movie, Ground Hog Day).


rose_michelle said...

Happy G-Day to you too! Also I got your Valentine's card from SNS2 and LOVE IT! I opened it early so I could decorate with it!