Feb 10, 2006

Playing Tricks On Mother Nature?

Anyone remember the TV commercial that said: “It’s not nice to play tricks on Mother Nature”? I think it was a margarine commercial. Wait... Am I dating myself? Anyway, what about Mother Nature playing tricks on us?!?

Brrrr! Mother Nature has us spoiled! With the warmest average January temps in the recorded 110-year history, we definitely have been thinking thoughts of Spring! Wrong. It snowed night... just enough to dust the ground.

In my American Literature class, I turned in my 3 question essay quiz over “Ethan Frome”. It ended up being 3 pages long. Took me 3 hours to write! I have an essay response paper due in a couple weeks... over two short stories we read for this week’s class discussion. Plus, there’s packet of poems the instructor passed out in class that need to be read.

I’ve been a bad girl this week in regards to getting to the gym as part of my Get Fit program. I have just been SO tired! I know… no excuse!


In yesterday's mail, I received 4 pieces of Jobelan that I bought off ebay for a total of $4.88 and that includes shipping! All new, still in the package. The colors are very pretty, too! Here's what I got:

• 25ct - Cherub Pink 16x18"
• 28ct - Honeysuckle Pink 18x18"
• 28ct - Antique White 18x27"
• 28ct - Water Lily 18x18"

I'm on a stash high.... ahhh!

Not only that, I was the high bidder (all of $13 including shipping) on 5 hardcover cross stitch books:

• Famous Paintings in Cross Stitch – Retails Used $24
• Cross Stitch Fairies by – Retails New $24.99 ($4.99 Used)
• The Encyclopedia of Stitches – Retails New $19.95 ($9.95 Used)
• The Cross Stitch Motif Bible – Retails New $29.99 ($15.95 Used)
• The Cross Stitchers Complete Companion – Retails New $17.95 ($4.48 Used)

Did I say I was on a stash high???! LOL

I’m sure you all think I sit around being high all the time, but I do manage to get some stitching done! I’ve gotten some stitching done Japanese Garden by Chatelaine Designs. I really like how it’s turning out. I have the rock garden at the 12 o’clock location almost done. Once I finish that and then the bonsai trees to the right of it, I’ll be posting a pic. So stay tuned!!

Another accomplishment this week: After of months of frustration, I have figured how to get rid of the red cast that occurs when I use my Epson 1270 photo printer!! It’s back to normal and boy do I have a LOT of photos to print up. My next task is to figure out how to get rid of the BLUE cast that occurs when I use the 2200 photo printer. You can’t imagine how relieved I am to have figured out these problems!

Did I tell you I’m on a stash high??


Krista said...

I got 100% on my Anatomy test today. And I won't tease you about our 80 degree days all this week.