Feb 20, 2006

Lorri Birmingham Designs

When I was out shopping with my niece on Saturday, I found some things I just *had* to have. I didn’t realize it until today... I like Lorri Birmingham Designs! Between the LNS and Hobby Lobby, I bought 4 kits by Lorri Birmingham. When I bought them, I didn’t look at the designer’s name, just the project photo. Here’s what I came home with:

Bees & Clover Scissor Fob Kit

Stitchers Scissor Fob Kit

Simply Elegant Scissor Case & Fob Kit

Joy of My Heart Flat-Fold Kit

I got a couple other things as well:

Love Chart by Calico Crossroads

Love Scissor Fob by Shepherds Bush

Now the question is... Which one do I make first?!?

P.S. Did I mention ALL of these were on clearance?!!


Shelleen said...

You can do one of each scissor fob for me LOL. I own 4 good pair of scissors that i try and change the fobs each month LOL. You did good girl!

Judith said...

I just love the stash you got ost are in my stash too LOL

valda said...

Great stash Meari! Love the SB fob!