Feb 26, 2006

Yum-Yums, High Speeds, and A Finish

On your mark! Get set! Go!

Friday afternoon, enter IT tech from the local ISP to install... what? High speed internet! ~Woo Hoo~ Hello faster downloads, hello faster uploads, hello faster emails, hello faster surfing... and hello $12 extra a month. Goodbye slow internet, goodbye dial-up and goodbye landline!
As you can guess, I made the jump to high speed internet and did away with my telephone service completely. The only thing I ever used the landline for anyway was internet. My calls are always make from and to my cell phone. Plus I save $12. Can't beat that!!

I finished the Love scissor fob kit today. It's by Shepherds Bush (by the way, their customer service is excellent!!). I must say that the colors turned out darker than I envisioned and darker than what the photograph shows on the front of the chart. It's still nice, though. It's stitched on 32ct Savannah Rose Linen with DMC and Weeks Dye Works floss. The kit also included the scissors in the pic. I had a few firsts with this project:

• First try at linen -- not bad, not bad at all

• First try at making cording -- used the cording drill I bought a month ago on one of my stash hunting trips. A bit tricky, but not bad.

First try at using invisible thread -- thought I'd pull my hair out! I did manage to get the cording sewed on and it DOES look nice. Need lots 'o patience to use invisible thread and be sure to anchor it to the needle. Reminds me of fishing line. Prolly is... they just package it differently because they know us stitchers will buy anything! LOL!!

Any Mayberry fans out there? Did you hear about the passing of Don Knotts? I can see his expression and bugged out eyes even now. LOL He'll be missed, I'm sure.

Found out I have new neighbors: a single lady with her 8yr grandson. I hope they work out better than the two gay (Oh, excuse me... "homosexual") guys that use to live there. For those of you who aren't aware -- I live in a 2-family townhouse, which is basically a two story house with a wall to separate us. Anyway, at least I know she likes kids (The gay guys didn't.) . Plus the grandson is the same age as my nephews... playmates!! They should fit in since there are a lot of kids in this neighborhood. Time will tell.

Now I bet you're wondering what this "Yum-Yum" stuff is all about? I've been on a 'cooking with crockpot' kick the last few months. After reading it over and the receipe calling for 'saute this, cook that,' I thought "What's the point of cooking it in the crockpot if you have to cook everything first?" Too much work! So I did my own version of the recipe by throwing everything in the crockpot and altering the ingredients. It turned out sooooo good! "What is it?" you ask? Creamy Potato Soup! It has carrots, onion, celery, bacon and cheese in it. I've never made a potato soup with carrots and celery before, but it's really good! Easy and so filling! Yum-Yum!!!

Well, I'm off to watch the closing ceremonies of Olympics. Go USA!


Shelleen said...

Love the scissor fob and congrats on all the firsts with this piece.
I heard about Don Knotts and was saddened about his passing,

Shelleen said...

Forgot to say i am jealous that you don't have dial up anymore. We are hoping to have DSL here this summer. Keep praying becasue it takes me to long online to do what i have to do.

Judith said...

The scissorfob looks great.

valda said...

The scissorfob is wonderful! I may have to do that one!
I have DSL and I would NEVER go back to dialup! It's been great since my computer is old and getting slower and slower.
Love the recipe for the potato soup. I'm going to copy it and try it some time in the near future!