Mar 27, 2006

Is It Time To Get Up.... Already?

The alarm goes off. I’m still groggy from the Tylenol PM I took last night. Who put the cotton in my mouth? Slapping around the area of my alarm clock, I finally get the snoozer. Like clockwork, the snooze goes off every 9 minutes and I keep resetting it. Finally, I get up and drag myself to the bathroom, smacking my lips trying to get some saliva to wash the fluff from my tongue. Feels like I’ve been licking a stuffed animal all night. I rarely drink coffee, so showers are like that morning cup of coffee other people use to “wake up”. Didn’t quite do the trick for me today. After letting the dog out, I went back to bed for 45 minutes. Ever try counting backwards from 500 when you want to go back to sleep? Trust me, it works. You have to visualize the big black numbers though. Willy nilly counting without visualization won’t work. I get up for the second time today and decide what to wear. All my “normal” stuff is dirty – Now what? Plaid pants and a white sweater. That’s what. I look like a 70’s reject but I don’t care. I’m clean and neat. I’ll just stay in my cubicle all day.

It was pretty nice over the weekend. Sunny both days! Temps got up to 70 on Sunday. I did some yard work and gardening preparation. Celeste thought she’d help, too, by digging little holes all over the yard. Bad dog! When she wasn’t digging traps for me to trip over, she was on her guard dog post. None of those pesky squirrels will get past her!

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you live in the US and haven’t checked out the Freecycle group in your area, I highly recommend it. It’s a nationwide effort to recycle goods, rather than sending them to the landfills or dumps. How it works is this: Once your membership is approved, you can post things you want to give away, or things that you need. People have given away cars (rare), appliances (working and non-working), clothing, computers, etc. etc. My recent acquisition is 3 gas-powered push lawnmowers. My Dad used to be a small engine repair guy, so I took him along to look at them. He had a truck too. LOL After picking up the lawnmowers, he told me that one of them can be fixed for about $2. The other two are yet to be determined. So for $2, I have a desperately needed lawnmower! Can’t beat that.

Update: I posted a "Wanted" request on my freecycle group for a basketball backboard and hoop. I got 3 responses in the first day!

I started another bookmark for the RR. It’s about 2/3 done. Unfortunately, the 3rd person in the group didn’t fulfill her responsibility so I’ll end up stitching the 3rd bookmark too. I don’t have to, but as coordinator I feel I should make up the slack.

I’ve put a bunch of stuff on ebay again. Most of it is for my brother, but there’s a couple cross stitch books. I have more but after a few hours listing stuff, I get tired of sitting in front of the computer. I had one guy ask me a question about the glove box – “I’m looking for a really nice glove box. Tell me in detail what it is like.” It’s a damn glove box. The ad tells WHAT it is like and there’s even pictures!