Mar 16, 2006

Is Mother Nature PMS'ing?

Geesh, will Mother Nature please make up her mind? Last week the temps reached almost 70. Earlier this week, we had severe thunder/lightning/rain storms. Some places had 2 mile wide tornadoes rip through towns. The thunder was so strong that I could feel my bed vibrate. I’m sure poor little Celeste didn’t know what to think! The other day, it was almost 50 degrees. Today’s high is supposed to be 26. Last night and this morning, it rained for a bit. Now it’s snowing… Forecasters are saying we’ll be getting 4-8”. Now that should be a fun ride… Frozen rain under snow!

Update: Either we were lucky or the forecasters were way off base. My area got an inch of snow, if that. Temps are still below normal for this time of year, but are supposed to warm up.