Mar 5, 2006

Snowy Sunday Morning

What's this I see? White flakes of fluff falling from the sky? It's snowing!! Yesterday was so nice I had a couple windows open in the house. I went to the car wash and the line was so long... Everybody and their brother was washing their car, so I went home. What I want to know is: Where is Spring??!

I spent a good part of Friday cleaning my entire house. I even dusted! I hate dusting -- allergies and all that. Up until now, I've been using a streak-free glass cleaner in a spray can (Ha - No, not to dust with!) that I get at a cleaning supply house for $7/can. Yes, it's a lot of money but when I'm framing photographs for clients, I don't want the frustration of streaked glass. Anyway... I found Powerhouse Glass & Surface Cleaner at Dollar General. It's also in a spray can and it works just as great!! It splatters a bit more than the other stuff, but for $1/can I can live with it. I also tried a new cleaning agent (since all the online frugal groups have suggested it time and again). Ammonia. My gawd! I should've been wearing a gas mask!! Yes, it's cheap -- However, I didn't think it did as good of a job that other cleaners do WITHOUT the intense odor. I couldn't clean more than two minutes at a time using the stuff!

Do you ever go shopping... ha... of course WE ALL go shopping! What I meant to say was: When you're out shopping, do you respect the handicap rules? Do you allow handicap people to pass in front of you in order to get through the aisles? I'm all for handicap spaces and respect the elderly as well as the handicapped. I had an experience yesterday that just irked me to high Heaven! Another customer and I were in the deodarant/shaving aisle at Walmart. A lady in one of the mobilized carts says "Can I get through here?" Both the other customer and I step back to let the lady through and what does she do?? She STOPS right in front of the both of us and peruses the items on the shelf!!! What gives a handicapped person the right to think that just because they're handicapped they can be rude? What would you think if a regular (non-handicapped) person did that??!

I officially met my new neighbors yesterday. She seems like a decent lady and is the type to make sure her 8yr old grandson behaves and listens to people. He seems like your typical rough and tumble 8yr old boy. He should get along just fine with my nephews! She also has a dog -- a chubby Cocker Spaniel. Celeste went crazy barking and carrying on when she saw the new dog. Once she did the butt sniffing (LOL), she was OK and wanted to play.

I stitched up the Stitchers' Scissor Fob, a design by Lorrie Birmingham. It took less than a day to do. I ended up stitching the design the wrong way on the linen, but I didn't feeling like frogging, so I went with it. I also omitted the bow at the bottom. I think it turned out pretty good.

Here's an idea I came up with while shopping for groceries at Aldi's on Saturday. This is a box that the packages of brown sugar come in. I snagged the box and the lid (You're allowed to do that at Aldi's) and used them to haul home some of my groceries. Today, I used contact paper I had on hand and made a new storage box! It's 11W by 13L by 6.5D. With the contact paper, the lid fits snugly. I'm going to use it to store my linen and evenweave fabrics. Not bad for FREE!

UPDATE at 9:20pm -- It snowed, and snowed, and snowed some more. It snowed all day! When it finally stopped, there was at least 3-4" inches on the ground. Again I ask: Where is Spring?!? Celeste, on the other hand, says "Bring it on! I LOVE SNOW!" After being out in the snow... which touches her belly... she was like a little abominable snow doggie. It was caked in her fur and ALL over her little face.

I worked on my UFO... Treasured Memories Quilt afghan. I have a long way to go!


Shelleen said...

I think that was very rude of the handicapped person. I can understand her saying excuse me so she could get down the aisle but I would have been mad at what she did.

Vikki said...

Congrates on your fob finish and your enabling! You really put in that extra 20% didn't you LOL

valda said...

I also think that that was rude of the woman in the motorized cart. I use one of those carts and I would never do that to someone. I just wait until they have moved. However, I have had people with regular carts do that to me. I'll be looking for something and invariably someone will come down the aisle and stand right in front of me. It's like they don't even see me! It does work both ways.
I love your little scissor fob. I had to laugh though. I did the same thing as you and stitched it the wrong way so that the little charm hangs just like yours does. It still is cute though and I just love it! Great job on the stitching!